Stacey Solomon admits she is feeling 'lost' and has been 'beating herself up' after a bad week

STACEY Solomon has revealed to her fans that she's been 'beating herself up' after experiencing a bad week.

Taking to her Instagram Story on Thursday evening, 30-year-old Stacey was watching a thunderstorm and decided to open up to her 3.6 million followers.

"The storm is here… the boys are back in and everyone is in our room. Theo and Mitsy included," she wrote, referring to the family pets.

"I really love a good storm. It just feels like everything can start a fresh and once it's passed it will all be ok.

"I've really felt a bit lost this week. Just a but 'meh' if that's the word and I haven't been saying the nicest things to myself."

Stacey continued: "So I just want you to know. If you haven't been feeling yourself. If you've been questioning yourself, beating yourself up over silly things or just feeling a bit lost and alone… you're not.

"You're doing so well every single day and just like this storm, this 'meh' phase will pass. I promise."

The mum-of-three ended the post by saying: "Goodnight. Love you lots. Tomorrow is a fresh new day."

Before getting into bed, the Loose Women panellist shared a funny video of her and boyfriend Joe Swash cuddled up on their egg chair while her two eldest boys listened to the storm in the garden shed.

"We are just sitting in the egg chair waiting for the boys to come back from the shed. The thunder has started so it won't be long," Stacey wrote, alongside the laughing emoji face.

The couple purchased a new bed for their shed today but Stacey revealed it wasn't for Joe to sleep in when he "gets tipsy and forgets his keys".

In fact, Stacey bought and built the bed so that her two sons Zachary and Leighton can start having friends over again once they find out which of their mates are in their "bubble" at school.

As lockdown in England began to ease, the Government announced that people could have "social bubbles" meaning they could meet up with a select few people who were not living in their household.

Judging by Stacey's comment, it seems her two eldest boys will experience the same thing once they return to school in September.

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