Stacey Solomon fights back tears on Loose Women over being unable to breastfeed baby Rex – The Sun

STACEY Solomon fought back tears on today's Loose Women as she discussed being unable to breastfeed baby Rex.

The mum-of-three, 30, became particularly upset when recalling how she continued trying to feed him by breast despite his tiny size.

Stacey admitted it was the pressure she put on herself that caused her the most stress, rather than anyone else's opinions.

She explained: "I really wanted to breastfeed. I don't know why, I think about that a lot. Society isn't the same as it was 11 years ago when I had my eldest where I felt I had to because I was told to.

"Now, after having Rex, I felt like everyone was like 'whatever works for you, do it'. It was the pressure I put on myself I struggled with."

Stacey had imagined herself breastfeeding throughout the pregnancy, and it was this dream that made it all the more harder to accept being unable to do it.

"I just couldn't do it," she said. "I really wanted to do it, and I didn't know if I was being lazy or if I just couldn't take the pain, and you just go over things in your mind and start thinking 'well this is what my body was made to do.
Obviously it's hard, obviously it's not easy. Why am I not just pushing through it and getting there?"

She made it clear she had nothing against bottle feeding and insisted her emotional response was mainly because she had "romanticised breastfeeding in her head."

"I've never felt like I can't bottle feed my babies," said Stacey. "I'd romanticised it in my head. Nowadays it's really out there, breastfeeding, which is great.

"I imagined through my pregnancy having this wonderful experience. When I couldn't I got myself in a bit of an emotional, hormonal rut of not being able to let it go."

And Stacey was comforted by Jane Moore as she struggled to keep her composure while talking about the guilt she felt when Rex lost a lb in weight shortly after birth.

"He was also quite small," she said. "Looking back now I almost feel cruel I carried on trying."

Loose Women star Stacey welcomed her son Rex with partner Joe Swash last year.

Stacey also has son Zachary, 11, with ex-boyfriend Dean Cox and seven-year-old Leighton with ex-fiance Aaron Barnham, while Joe also has son, Harry, from a previous relationship with ex-fiancée Emma Sophocleous.

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