Stacey Solomon shares grief over Joe Swash not coming home

Stacey Solomon, 32, had been inseparable from new husband Joe Swash after their wedding this year, and both had cancelled work commitments so they could spend time together with their children at their newly renovated home, Pickle Cottage. However, she has now revealed in distressed Instagram footage that he is “not coming home” after an airport disaster.

Stacey had been looking forward to Joe’s return from a work trip with great anticipation, even indulging in her special occasion ritual of shaving her legs.

However the “fuming” Loose Women star was then forced to break the bad news to her 5.4 million followers.

“Joe’s flight has been cancelled so he’s not coming home,” she exclaimed, close to tears.

“They don’t know when the next seat available home is, so yeah, [I’m] fuming.

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“Obviously, I’m upset that he’s not coming home and I miss him and I want to see him – but I’m more upset about the fact that I’ve spent an hour and a half of my life shaving my legs while Rex and Rose had a punch up,” she added.

The teary-eyed star joked that she might now have to wear a skirt on the school run to show off her smooth skin so that at least someone would appreciate her efforts.

She had previously informed fans: “Just trying to shave my legs so when Joe gets back tomorrow, he doesn’t think that he’s married an actual human spider!”

After Joe FaceTimed her sorrowfully, she updated followers that he was likely to be back on Wednesday – later than she had bargained for.

Stacey’s leg-shaving ritual also took an unexpected turn earlier in the year when she failed to complete the task in time for her much-awaited wedding.

“Am I going to shave the whole of my legs? It depends if I can squeeze it in,” she had joked in an interview just three days prior to her big day.

“I’ve got really long legs and very little time, and that is always my predicament,” the 5ft 8in presenter added to Notebook magazine.

“[However], the dress is long [so] I feel like I can get away with not doing it.”

The last time she had shaved them had been for Joe’s birthday back in January, according to a candid confession she made to her Instagram viewers.

“Not only did he get [a day out] fishing and his man cave for his 40th, I’ve only treated him to his birthday tradition and shaved my legs!” she crowed at the time.

She then joked: “Only up to the knees, but still!”

Stacey is usually quite down to earth when it comes to her appearance, treating her locks to nothing more than a £10 box of L’Oréal hairdye when it came to her wedding prep.

Therefore, it’s clear that Joe’s return from his work trip was a momentous occasion for her that she was looking forward to celebrating.

She had also been hoping that Joe could help with caring for the kids, including their youngest child and only daughter, baby Rose.

Stacey was even recently forced to do a photoshoot for In The Style from her bedroom due to not having any childcare arrangements set up at home.

Her working life has become fuller than ever now that summer has ended and the new school term has begun.

However, Stacey is hoping for Joe’s successful return on Wednesday.

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