Stassi Schroeder ‘Isn’t Mad’ At Lisa Vanderpump Over Vanderpump Rules Firing

Looks like someone’s trying to stay in Lisa Vanderpump’s good books!

The recent Vanderpump Rules firings are having a huge ripple effect in the Bravo world. It’s caused quite a shakeup, particularly for longtime cast members Kristen Doute and Stassi Schroeder. After former co-star Faith Stowers accused them of some pretty egregious racist behavior, the pair were not only fired, but have been losing sponsorships and opportunities left and right. 

Now, Stassi apparently wants to make one thing clear about the whole mess: she doesn’t blame Lisa for it one bit!

A source told Us Weekly:

“Stassi isn’t mad at Lisa Vanderpump. doesn’t think her getting fired is Lisa’s fault by any means.”

Though we’re not sure Lisa was totally in her corner, either, as it didn’t take long for the Pump Queen to throw her employees’ “lack of judgment” into the spotlight. 

Another Us source seemed to confirm the firing came from above Lisa’s head. Elaborating on the network’s decision, the source explained: 

“Stassi, in particular, has become a major piece of the Bravo puzzle over the years, and the network truly enjoyed working with her. That said, racism and discrimination have no place on Bravo, so Stassi, Kristen, Max and Brett left the powers that be with no other option.”

Although she seems reasonable about not placing the blame elsewhere, don’t think Stassi is taking any of this well. A source for E! News said the reality star has been “distraught.” The insider shared:

“Stassi has been an emotional wreck. She’s having a very hard time and has no idea what to do. She feels completely lost and is very disgusted by her actions in the past.”

Back to Vanderpump herself, another E! Source said the boss is focused on how to “ this situation correctly,” explaining:

“Discussions about firing and had already taken place before Stassi and Kristen’s past actions resurfaced. Cutting ties with these four cast members is step one, but knows she has more work to do moving forward.”

Mmhmmm… and maybe step two should be firing Jax Taylor? VPR alum Billie Lee has already started the campaign, and Faith herself revealed to Us that other women had reached out to her about her former flame’s behavior. She said:

“I didn’t even know the depth of the crazy things that they were saying. And so like, I got DMs from other shows, from other females on other shows saying that Mr. Taylor had said some crazy things to them that were racial. So I think he gets a pat on the back a lot. But I think that if you’re going to do it for two people, they should do it for some other people as well.”

One thing’s for sure — VPR is going to look verrrrrry different when it finally returns!

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