Super easy dishwasher hack gets dishes bone-dry every time

Those with dishwashers will know that even the most efficient machines sometimes struggle to get items bone-dry.

That sometimes results in having to manually dry dishes once they’ve finished a cycle, which pretty much defeats the point of having a dishwasher.

A new hack by an Instagram cleaning guru might put a stop to that, though, and you don’t need to buy anything new to make it work.

Shared by The Organised Housewife, a video shows how to use a tea towel to ensure dry crockery every time.

All you do is wait until the cleaning part of the cycle is over, before opening the door and placing a tea towel over it.

Shut the door, and the tea towel will soak up any moisture left on the dishes.

This condensation is part of the reason there are sometimes still droplets on your dishes, even when the dishwasher is technically working to dry.

The tip has now been liked over a thousand times, and busy parents in particular are raving at how simple it is.

‘I’ll give it a shot – damn plastics are always wet even with my extra dry cycle,’ said one.

Another wrote: ‘That’s what I do !! It’s a great hack.’

Apparently it isn’t just the drying factor that’s attracting fans.

One more commenter wrote: ‘Also a good sign it is a clean load that needs to be unpacked… wonder if my kids will get the message.’

Perhaps it’ll take more than that for your little ones to take the initiative and empty the thing, but at least everything will be dry when somebody does.

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