Susanna Reid admits that Daniel Craig can be ‘’grumpy’ when being interviewed

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Susanna Reid has shared that Daniel Craig, can in fact be “a little grumpy” when it comes to interviews.

The Good Morning Britain presenter spoke to the steely-eyed James Bond star in 2015 when he was promoting Spectre and admitted that he had form for not exactly being a ray of sunshine.

Craig, 53, recently wrote a “framboise-coloured” smoking jacket on the red carpet for No Time to Die at London’s Royal Albert Hall and shut down reporters asking him who the next Bond could be by snapping it was “not his problem”.

Susanna, 50, and Ben Shephard were discussing the actor’s temperament as footage came out on Friday of him receiving his Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

Ben said on GMB: “Daniel Craig can be notoriously shy at sort of moments like this. In the past, when you interview him, he can be difficult.”

Susanna replied: “Is he shy or grumpy? Sometimes he can be a little grumpy.”

Ben added: “Some people may interpret him as grumpy, some might suggest a little shy. I tell you what though, when he was out on the red carpet for the premiere, he was in good spirits wasn't he?”

Well, except for telling the media off for asking about the next Bond.

But the dad-of-one recently poked fun at himself for being the “grumpy James Bond".

He told the New York Times: “Maybe I’ll be remembered as the Grumpy Bond. I don’t know.

"That’s just my Bond and I have to face up to it, that has been my Bond. But I’m quite satisfied with that."

Daniel has played the debonair spy since 2006. At the time of his casting, hardcore Bond fans were sceptical that the fair-haired, shortish actor would do the role justice.

Apparently, Craig also has his reservations and said the franchise was a “big machine that makes a lot of money”.

He said he wanted to “bring more emotional depth” to the role. No Time to Die, directed by Danny Boyle, is his fifth Bond part – and his last, he said.

Despite his moaning, Craig is said to be the highest-earning Bond actor to date and raked in $25 million (£21m) for his latest turn as the suave, womanising 007.

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