Susanna Reid erupts at Ryanair boss over ‘pointless’ social distancing rules

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Susanna Reid, 49, was dubious about how passengers are going to be able to adhere to social distancing rules as Ryanair resumes their flight schedule from today. Pictures from onboard planes which have already been taking to the air have shown customers struggling to keep to the two-metre rule but wearing face masks. The Good Morning Britain host didn’t think was sustainable and she took Michael O’Leary to task abut her concerns. As she did, the pair clashed as the presenter claimed the rule was “pointless”.

With O’Leary stating the airline industry needed to get back to business to restart the tourism industry in Europe, he outlined how families’ anxieties could be put to rest with the rules in place for Ryanair.

The airline boss confirmed face masks would be mandatory, but this left the host to ask how this was going to be plausible if food and drink were still being served.

Bottles of water will be the only liquid on offer during the flight, with passengers allowed to pull down their mask to drink.

Susanna said: “It’s pointless having the face mask, isn’t it?” as she explained someone coughing could spread coronavirus.

Hitting back, the guest said if someone did cough, then the chair in front of them would block the transmissions.


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