SWAT season 5 release date: When is SWAT coming back?


SWAT on CBS is a reboot of the original 1970s action fiction series starring Criminal Minds’ Shemar Moore. He portrays Sergeant Dan “Hondo” Harrelson who leads a team of officers in Los Angeles who fight hard-core criminals in a bid to protect the public. But this was all very much up in the air by the end of season four.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from SWAT.

Hondo went to the press to talk about the racism he and others had experienced without the departments.

This led to protests breaking out in Los Angeles with the Imperial Dukes making another appearance.

After several protests, Patrick Hicks (played by Patrick St Espirit) told Hondo that he was being demoted as squad leader for his actions.

So it is unclear what his position will be when the drama does return.

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The finale also featured a romantic moment that fans had been waiting for quite some time for.

Chris (Lina Esco) and Street (Alex Russell) kissed in the locker room as they said their goodbyes.

Chris was on her way back to Germany while Street was preparing for potentially life-threatening transplant surgery.

When the show does continue, will Chris and Street pick up from where they left off or are they going to try and forget it ever happened?

When is SWAT coming back? 

SWAT season four came to an end on Wednesday, May 26, on CBS.

But even before series four started, the network had announced SWAT would be returning for a fifth season.

CBS has finally given fans an update on when to expect the new season, releasing their official fall 2021 slate.

Fans can celebrate, as SWAT is set for release on October 1, 2021.

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The premiere will arrive on their 8pm Friday slot, which will move before Magnum P.I. season four premiere and Blue Bloods season 12.

The new season of SWAT is expected to run for another 18 episodes, taking the series into 2022 before its finale.

CBS has given SWAT a quick turnaround, pushing the series forward after the previous season suffered delays due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The show is also one of the broadcaster’s most popular series, with the new release date showing CBS’s commitment to it.

When SWAT does return, there is going to be a shake-up to its schedule.

Initially, series five will start off on Friday nights on CBS.

This will then change after four episodes where it will resume the rest of the season on Sundays.

SWAT is available to watch on CBS.

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