Swifties Are Divided Over Ed Sheeran And Taylor Swift’s Relationship. Here’s Why.

Taylor Swift’s fanbase, known as the Swifties, are famously protective of their girl. So when Ed Sheeran released a new song in June and Swift helped him promote it on social media, they took some issue with her very public support of him and his new tune, “Bad Habits” given his past actions toward her. 

Sheeran and Swift are very close friends IRL and many Swifties consider the fact that his feature on her 2013 single, “Everything Has Changed,” in some way jumpstarted his career. They must be very close — the woman even let him rap on “End Game.” Basically, Swift’s put herself on the line for him and many of her devotees just wish that Sheeran would have been more outspoken during her controversy with Scooter Braun, who bought her masters and dragged her into a years long legal battle which ultimately ended when Swift decided to just re-record her own songs. 

Given the public support that she received some other big names, Swifties were shocked that Sheeran didn’t have more to say in his friend’s defense against Braun. “Not you promoting his music when he never spoke out publicly defending you,” one fan complained. Another added, “reminder that Ed Sheeran remained silent when you asked celebrities to support you when Sc**ter didn’t let you perform your songs live.” 

But the conversation between Swifties didn’t stop there. Read on to find out why her fans are conflicted about her promoting his music. 

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