Tattoo couple feel like ‘black sheep’ when stepping out in public with bold ink

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A tattoo model has opened up about the abuse she receives from strangers due to her body art.

Heidi Lavon is inked from head-to-toe – and her partner James Marshall Ramsay is no different.

The couple are known for their sexy content on OnlyFans and TikTok where they both flaunt their array of ink.

Now in a latest trip to a family cabin in Colorado, US, Heidi opened up about the abuse she's had from people.

She claims many have made comments about her and her partner's multiple ink, as they admit to feeling "like they stood out".

Speaking to Daily Star, the Instagram babe said: "We visited Durango Colorado which is super conservative if you ask me."

She added: "I didn't see any tattooed people which is weird because it's a popular tourist town.

"Visiting such a tourist town I assumed there would be more alternative looking people like my partner and I.

"But I was so wrong."

The model says she didn't see anyone with tattoos and she generally forgets about her body art in public.

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Heidi, who has 2.3 million TikTok fans, claims that it's gone as far as people trying to grab or touch her – without her consent.

She admitted: "Mostly I forget as I feel like my tattoos are a part of me now.

"Sometimes I'll catch a glimpse of myself and go WHOA and it's funnier when I take a family photo and everyone is so clean looking.

"I don't mind being the black sheep, it doesn't make us feel bad or anything about how we look."

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But fortunately, that hasn't stopped the beauty from planning more sessions under the needle.

She continued: "I had two sessions of removal on my left hand. I just didn't like the design anymore.

"So a new one there for sure. Finish my back completely and a few others.

"James is not looking forward to more but wants to finish his ribs. He got giant pieces on both sides and then stopped after liner."

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