Tattoo studio offers real tattoos that fade after a year thanks to special ink

A lot of people like tattoos, but don't know if they'd want to commit to a certain design for the rest of their life.

Well now you don't have to apparently as one New York-based studio has designed a special type of tattoo ink that eventually fades within a year.

The ink available at Ephemeral Tattoo was created by PhD Chemical Engineering graduates Brennal Pierre and Vandan Shah.

The pair began creating it in 2014, and have tested more than 50 formulations over the year.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, the two main components are the ink polymers and the dyes.

Pierre said: "With our background in biomolecular engineering, we’ve worked with protein stability and protein development.

"Tattoos are just interactions between the skin (the protein in this case) and the ink, so that’s why this problem was of interest to us.:

Shah added: "They are medical-grade biocompatible and biodegradable, so they are meant to be broken down over time."

The duo also said it wasn’t their sole intent to create an ink that would fade quickly, but one that also looked good and would remain for a decent amount of time.

Some of their original trials found the ink disappeared within a week, but through surveys they've carried out, it was found that 9-15 months was the ideal time bracket for the tattoo to last.

Both Shah and Pierre have reportedly had more than 100 tattoos done between them using their special ink, with the majority of them now faded.

Shah added: "I have tried more than 60 tattoos during the development time. I think I have five or six on my body currently."

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However despite the ink being different, the experience of getting a tattoo is still the same apparently – so you'll have to deal with the pain like a normal tatt.

This may put some people off if it doesn't last a lifetime, we guess.

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