Taylor Swift Reacts to Idea of ‘Last Great American Dynasty’ Movie Starring Her Friends

A fan has come up with an idea for a movie based on the song “The Last Great American Dynasty” and Taylor Swift is totally on board!

The fan thinks that Taylor‘s friends Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson should star in the film and it sounds like they’re all loving they idea as well.

“The Last Great American Dynasty would make an incredible movie. The story is timeless yet unique, the music would be exquisite, and it already has the perfect title. As for the cast: Blake Lively (Rebekah), Ryan Reynolds (Bill), Jesse Tyler Ferguson (neighbor),” the fan tweeted.

Jesse was the first one to see the tweet and he retweeted it with the message, “Ok I’m avail for this.”

Ryan replied to Jesse and said, “But Bill’s heart… ?”

Taylor just saw the tweets and she is loving the idea.

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Want to read the lyrics for the song? Check them out below!

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