Teen Mom Briana DeJesus shows off horrific bruises from THIRD plastic surgery makeover

TEEN Mom's Briana DeJesus has shown off the results of her latest liposuction procedure.

The 25-year-old recently went under the knife for a boob reduction as well as liposuction, and she was more than happy to give her fans a close look her bruised booty as it continues to heal.

Recording herself in the mirror, the Teen Mom star slowly stripped off to show fans her new figure.

Starting in a top and pants, she explained: "Hey guys, so this is my update My belly button is healing. I really love it. It’s so much better than before."

Then she turned the focus onto her chest in a white tank top as she added: "These are my new boobs…They are extremely small, but they fit me. I love them. I’m never going big ever again."


The mother of two later then posed in her underwear and focused in on her bruised booty

She explained: "My arms are still pretty swollen, so I’m waiting for them to go down. I’m extremely happy with everything … Still bruised, but my butt is so tiny."

Briana apologized to the mystery man she's rumored to be dating as she said "Don’t kill me bae I’m sorry," before reassuring fans that she's still "jiggly" in the booty area.

Briana has been open about the plastic surgery she has had in the past.

And she's been more than happy to show the journey's she gone through at the hands of surgeon Dr Miami.

Dr Miami first performed cosmetic surgery on the mum-of-two back in 2016, but then she went onto have her second baby the following year and saw her figure change again.

She then enlisted the help of the Doc again in 2018 when she had a tummy tuck, a breast lift and reshaped and contoured her butt.

Now it's a case of third time's a charm when she went in for the breast reduction and liposuction.

Last month she teased that she was getting more work done when she took to Twitter to reveal that she was planning a trip to Miami.

A fan asked her if it was for a vacation, but Briana tweeted back: “Noooooo to get some Acup t*tties. [sic]"

Then Dr Miami revealed on his Instagram Story that she would be having "liposuction to revivalist the booty" and "re-lift the breast and make them smaller"

He said: "She's done with having big breasts, she wants to make them smaller, she wants to be a B Cup."

Dr Miami showed his followers the "before" picture of Briana, before showing the "after" – which was Brianna lying naked face down on a hospital bed to reveal her new butt.

After her procedure back in 2018, the doc told E! News, "I did a tummy tuck, a breast lift with an implant exchange because she did have implants from before—she wanted to be smaller, higher and perkier—so we changed her implants out for smaller ones."

He explained, "And we also did some contouring and reshaping of her booty, of her shape overall. We did that, I think it was a week ago Monday."

According to Dr. Miami, his famous patient "did great" and knew what to expect after going through surgery with his office staff years ago.


"I am happy that she's sharing her journey with the world because there are a lot of moms that want mommy makeovers and they're scared," the plastic surgeon shared. "Seeing somebody that they know, even if it's through social media, go through it is helpful as far as educating people about it."

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