Teen Mom fans furious after Ryan Edwards mocks son Bentley, 11, for crying over split from school girlfriend – The Sun

TEEN Mom fans were up in arms after Monday night's episode where Ryan Edwards made fun of his son, Bentley, for crying after splitting with his middle school girlfriend.

On the other hand, Maci Bookout had encouraged her husband, Taylor McKinney, to talk to her 11-year-old because she worries about the possibility of him becoming a teen parent himself.


Fans weren't happy after last night's episode of Teen Mom OG after Ryan mocked Bentley for crying after splitting with his girlfriend.

In the clip, Ryan chatted with wife Mackenzie about Bentley's breakup and appeared shocked that his pre-teen son was upset over it.

Ryan told his wife: "I feel like he's going to be one of those guys that boo-hoo cries a little bit.

"I feel like he's going to be one of those guys where the chicks just break up with him on purpose just for a funny show."

Mackenzie herself was taken aback by her husband's comment and told him he was being "mean."

And she wasn't the only one who thought Ryan was mean.

Teen Mom fans quickly took to social media to slam the 32-year-old father of three.

One Twitter user wrote: "Damn Ryan making fun of HIS own child is messed up! And Taylor not even being Bentley's father is talking to him when that is Ryan's job.

"That just shows you the difference between them."

Another user also addressed the scene and commented: "You Ryan should never ever talk about sweet Bentley like that.

"He, at his age, is even more sane and responsible than you have ever been in your entire disgusting crappy life."

Other users were glad that Bentley had someone like Taylor in his life to help him navigate his emotions as a pre-teen.

One user specifically said: "Thank God Bentley has a great dad role model in his stepdad."

Unlike Ryan, Taylor had stepped up to the role and turned his heartbreak into a life lesson.

With Maci's blessing, Taylor talked to him about respecting his future partners and to treat them as he would like to be treated.

Maci was particularly worried about giving her son the sex talk as Bentley is nearing the age when she had him.

She pointed out that children of teen parents tend to become teen parents themselves and she wanted him to break the cycle.

The Teen Mom member had Bentley when she was 17 years old and she is also the daughter of teen parents.

Ryan's attitude towards his son's heartbreak comes just a few episodes after fans wondered if he was back on drugs.

He had been acting erratically during an episode and at one point, he even burst with rage and showed marks on his face.

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