Teen Mom stars Jo & Vee Rivera throw daughter ViVi, 5, surprise unicorn-themed birthday featuring cupcakes & balloons

TEEN Mom 2 star Jo and Vee Rivera threw their daughter Vivi, five, a surprise unicorn-themed birthday party ahead of her sixth birthday.

The bash featured cupcakes, balloons and more.

Vee, 28, took to her Instagram Stories on Saturday to document Vivi’s birthday festivities.

Before the birthday girl arrived, the MTV star showed her family hanging up decorations as unicorn balloons were placed around the kitchen.

After explaining that her “mom and sis always go hard for her baby,” Vee wrote: “Throwing her a little BDay celebration today since her BDays Monday.”

A large table sat in the center of the room, which was covered with a purple tablecloth and had colorful place settings at each seat.

In the next slide, Vee explained they “forgot the happy birthday banner” but overall felt happy with the “cute” decorations.


As she continued to show off the unicorn decorations, the Teen Mom 2 star said off camera: “I love it. It’s a little something something.”

Due to Vivi’s birthday being on Monday, Vee shared that she also planned to throw her daughter another party next weekend to celebrate.

The Instagram Stories continued to document the party and captured Vivi being walked into the room as Vee followed behind and covered her daughter’s eyes.

After Vee uncovered Vivi’s eyes, their family members shouted “surprise” and the birthday girl happily walked up to a unicorn cake placed on the table.

Vivi gleefully looked around the room as Vee pointed out the decorations before she got up to play with a colorful balloon.


The group then sang Happy Birthday to Vivi, while Vee explained in the caption of the post that she FaceTimed her husband Jo and his son Isaac during the song.

Jo shares Isaac, 11, with ex Kailyn Lowry, 29.

Vivi donned a serious expression as her family members sang to her and leaned over to blow out the candles as everyone cheered.

Vee pointed out her daughter’s concentrated face in the caption, writing: “The fake you make when ppl sing happy birthday to you.”

The Instagram Stories concluded with a clip of Vivi opening up a present, which she revealed was Roblox.

The soon-to-to six-year-old then started opening another present as the clip concluded.


Vee documented Vivi's birthday festivities just days after she shut down rumors that she's pregnant.

While addressing fans on her Instagram Stories, the TV personality said: “I keep getting DMs of people telling me that I’m pregnant, which is news to me.”

She insisted she’s “not” pregnant, adding: “I don’t want to have another baby, so stop telling me I’m pregnant. It’s not true.

“If it doesn’t come out of my mouth, stop listening to stupid click bait articles.”

The MTV star slammed the rumors as “dumb” before she continued: “I’m in here trying to get in the best shape of my life and y’all talking about I’m having a baby.”

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