Tessica Brown Imposter Shut Down by GoFundMe After Fake Hospital Bill

Tessica Brown tried getting out of another sticky situation by crowdfunding … or at least that’s what an imposter had people believing before GoFundMe dropped the hammer.

So get this … someone tried to capitalize on Tessica’s Gorilla Glue fame and misfortune by posting a GoFundMe page pretending to be her. The imposter even posted what appears to be a $186k hospital bill.

As you can see, the imposter claimed the hospital was charging her for her medical bills after it found out she was raising money online. This person even roped in Tessica’s real GoFundMe dilemma … ya know, the alleged fraud claims that were later debunked.

The imposter’s “bill” looked legit enough to dupe some peeps, ’cause the account raised around $500.

Don’t worry, the imposter never got the dough because a rep for GoFundMe tells TMZ it suspended the account as soon as it got wind of it.

The fake account was sketchy to begin with … ’cause the imposter’s goal was only $25k but the bill totaled nearly $200k.

Tessica’s manager, Gina Rodriguez, tells TMZ … she’s seen several fake Twitter and GoFundMe pages trying to piggyback off Tessica. She warns, if you see one, DO NOT donate because Tessica doesn’t need money — she’s doing well now, thanks to deals and her daycare and dance biz ventures.

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