'The Bachelor': Demi Burnett 'Would Never Want to Be Stuck in a House With These Girls'

Much of Bachelor Nations seems to be not loving Peter Weber’s group of contestants. Former bachelorette Becca Kufrin recently said the pilot was “given a tough group of girls.” And many fans agree.

“I’m sorry but these are the most annoying contestants ever. Ugh. Send them all home,” tweeted one fan.

“Most immature group of contestants I ever remember seeing on #thebachelor,” wrote another.

Another member of Bachelor Nation, Demi Burnett from Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor and the most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise, feels similarly.

Demi Burnett is glad she’s not on Peter Weber’s season

“I would never want to be stuck in a house with these girls,” she tweeted during last night’s episode.

Bachelor fans jumped to reply to the alum to let her know they don’t blame her.

“no cast has given me more of a headache,” responded one fan.

“They’re awful. We miss you, Demi!” wrote another.

“They’re hard to watch!! They seem so much more immature than the girls in previous seasons,” tweeted another.

Some fans feel Weber’s group of women are especially mean.

“I would have jumped ship by now because this group of girls is VICIOUS,” wrote another.

“This is the meanest group of women. I feel like I’m watching Mean Girls, but worse,” replied another.

“They’re so mean ahh,” commented another.

Demi Burnett thinks Peter Weber’s ‘Bachelor’ contestants are ‘malicious af’

Burnett wrote a separate tweet about how “malicious” the women of Weber’s season are.

“On my season people tried to say I was mean…. I was just annoyed by unnecessary confrontation and drunk. These girls are malicious af,” she tweeted.

Again, fans agreed with her.

“No, this season is completely different! Like 0 comparison! Its a different level of drama and catty hypocrisy,” responded one fan.

“Literally! like last season…okay there were a couple bad apples but this season the whole group is just horrible, it makes it hard to really get Into it when at this point the only thing I’m rooting for is @hannahbrown to come back and save this man,” tweeted another.

“And even if you were mean (I honestly don’t remember), you’re at least extremely interesting & have good fashion sense! These girls are Mean Girls in a badddd way + look overdone doing it,” wrote another.

Burnett told her Instagram following she didn’t even make it through all of the most recent episode, so who knows if she’ll keep weighing in. Hopefully, as more and more women go home, everyone will start being kinder to each other.

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