The Big Bang Theory: Fans uncover glaring Leonard error from season 2 – did you spot it?

The Big Bang Theory has delved into the world of technology criticism over the years. Over 12 seasons of the show, Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons) and his roommate Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) have delved into joking about topical technology advancements.

While this sometimes referred to the new iPhone models or games consoles, season two saw the pair working on a TiVo box with Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg).

Unfortunately for Sheldon, they needed to open up the TV recording device to put in a larger hard drive, allowing them to record more whilst they were out of town.

But this caused some ethical issues for Sheldon, as he was not too happy about being forced to pull off the warranty sticker from the box.

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His worry was that he would either have to give up his treasured first season of Battlestar Galactica, or have to void the box’s warranty.

However, tech experts who are also fans of the show seem to think this moral quandary for Sheldon was not as simple as it seemed.

They believe this issue was in fact an error, and the first season would have been lost regardless.

Reddit user Oksel recently explained: “This episode begins with the hack of a Tivo. As Sheldon has problems with voiding the warranty Leonard states: ‘It’s either deleting the first Season of [Battlestar Galactica] or installing a new hard drive’.”

Questioning the motives, they said: “Wouldn’t both actions not result in the loss of the BSG season?

“As replacing the hard disk with a blank one would also result in not be able to access the replaced hard disk?”

If Sheldon were aiming to keep his TV show under wraps, he would have apparently failed regardless either way.

However one other fan commented in saying this would have been the correct way of saving their content.

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They wrote: “When I’m swapping out hard drives in a laptop I usually put the old drive in a caddy and plug into the USB port so I can transfer the contents across.

“The guys are presumably IT savvy enough to be able to do this, even if they have to use a PC to do the transfer.”

Meanwhile, fans of the show have also been pointing out the huge glaring plot hole of Penny’s (Kaley Cuoco) apartment.

Fans explained that Sheldon and Leonard shared an apartment to split the bills and make life more affordable.


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Whereas Penny arrived next door in a similarly sized apartment, and somehow managed to pay for her apartment on a waitresses wage.

This salary was compared to Sheldon and Leonards’, who earn a substantial amount together.

Viewers were unsure how both apartments survived when Penny was also a struggling actor at the same time.

The Big Bang Theory is available on Netflix.

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