'The Challenge': Are Fessy Shafaat and Devin Walker Friends Following Season 36 Fight?

During The Challenge: Double Agents, Fessy Shafaat and Devin Walker worked in opposing alliances. Therefore, Devin tried to get him off his game by teasing him, nearly resulting in a physical altercation. Following the season, Fessy explained the current status of his relationship with Devin on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast.

Fessy Shafaat and Devin Walker didn’t work together during ‘The Challenge 36’

Returning finalist Fessy Shafaat and five-time competitor Devin Walker aligned on opposite sides during Double Agents. While Fessy worked with other former Big Brother players, including Kaycee Clark and Josh Martinez, Devin teamed up with Wes Bergmann and Kyle Christie.

However, the BB alliance had the numbers and frequently decided the house votes.

They started the season off by throwing in legend CT Tamburello and successfully orchestrated Devin competing against ally Wes in the second male elimination.

Therefore, the Are You the One? star didn’t like the alliance and often taunted them by chanting, “Big Brother sucks.” While the cast members let off steam during the Jan. 27 episode, Devin continued teasing Josh and Fessy, nearly resulting in a physical altercation.

They got into a heated exchange

As the competitors partied after a mission, the five-time competitor told Fessy that no one wanted him to win the challenge. Devin explained he intended to “poke the bear” in a confessional because he thought the returning finalist felt “insecure” after not performing well in the mission.

Fessy didn’t react well to Devin’s comment and became more upset when Kyle began piling on, confirming that no one wanted him to win. The former football player called Devin an “instigator” in his confessional and claimed it’s his “only move” because Fessy doesn’t see the five-time competitor winning a season.

They continued arguing inside the house, and it escalated when Fessy thought Kyle pushed him. Therefore, producers intervened and escorted the returning finalist out of the house.

Devin then mooned him, continuing to tease the Big Brother star.

Fessy on current friendship with Devin

Several weeks after the fight, the BB alliance voted Devin into the Crater to save Josh, who CT wanted to face in elimination. However, a security breach triggered a double elimination, with CT having full power to choose the matchups.

He gave the five-time competitor his choice of four-time winner Darrell Taylor and took Josh for himself. Ultimately, Devin and the Big Brother champ were eliminated together.

During the aftershow, the two explained they reflected on their performances and realized they could’ve done more damage if they teamed up in the house.

However, Fessy seemingly hasn’t repaired things with Devin as of yet. When asked about it on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, the former football player explained he tried to talk to the five-time competitor the day after their disagreement but claims Devin didn’t want to hear it.

Additionally, Fessy noted he felt “the energy” from the MTV star. However, he believes the two have a miscommunication problem and haven’t had a chance to see “other sides of each other” that would help them get along better.

Finally, the two-time competitor noted he thinks a conversation needs to happen that will clear the air. The Challenge 36 airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on MTV.

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