'The Challenge' Season 37 Elimination Spoilers: Who Goes Home in Episode 14? A Fight Between 2 Veterans Breaks Out

MTV’s The Challenge Season 37 Episode 14 is here, and the players are strategizing more than ever to get to the final. In episode 13, the Ruby Cell lost the daily elimination, and Cory Wharton went head to head with Logan Sampedro in The Lair. Logan won and went over to team Sapphire while team Emerald remains untouched. So, who goes home in episode 14? Fans can anticipate a blowout fight between two vets, according to The Challenge Season 37 elimination spoilers.

[Spoiler alert: The Challenge Season 37 elimination spoilers ahead for episode 14 and beyond.]

‘The Challenge’ Season 37 Episode 14 shows the women strategizing their next moves

When Logan switched over to the Sapphire Cell, this put Kyle over on the Ruby Cell. Going into episode 14, the Sapphire Cell has CT, Emy, Ashley, and Logan, the Ruby Cell has Amanda, Big T, Nelson, and Kyle, and the Emerald Cell has Kaycee, Josh, Nany, Devin, Tori, and Emanuel. The Challenge Season 37 Episode 14 sneak peek video posted by MTV’s The Challenge Twitter page shows the women strategizing this week to avoid elimination and switch cells.

The clip begins with BigT speaking to Logan. Big T doesn’t want to stick with the Ruby Cell and instead hopes to switch to the Sapphire Cell if she wins an elimination. Unfortunately, CT and Logan don’t want her on their team, as they view her as a weak player.

“If Big T comes to Sapphire, I’m going to change to Ruby again,” Logan told the camera. “Big T, as a competitor, is bad.”

Another conversation involved Amanda and Josh. Josh told Amanda he wants to run the final with Kaycee and Nany, so if Amanda wins an elimination and joins the Emerald Cell, he wants her to take Tori’s spot.

‘The Challenge’ Season 37 Elimination spoilers: Who goes home in episode 14?

So, who goes home in episode 14? According to MTV’s The Challenge Season 37 elimination spoilers, a major fight breaks out between Josh and Ashley. This results in Ashley getting disqualified from the game, Reddit reports.

It’s unclear what the exact situation is prior to the episode, but it seems the altercation was entirely verbal. And because Ashley gets disqualified, the women don’t duke it out in The Lair. Instead, the men go down next. The two men who fight for their spot in the game are Josh and Kyle. Kyle reportedly wins the elimination — though it’s unclear if this occurs during episode 14, or if fans will have to wait until episode 15 to see what happens in The Lair.

Prior to the fight between Ashley and Josh, Josh and Fessy were involved in a fight in the house that resulted in Fessy’s disqualification. Fessy and Josh appear to have made up since then.

Will Ashley Mitchell and Josh Martinez return to the show in the future?

So, will Ashley and Josh come back to the show despite The Challenge Season 37 elimination spoilers revealing the disqualification? Ashley’s competed on a number of seasons, and this isn’t her first time getting disqualified from the game for conduct. MTV continues to invite her back regardless of the past. While she clearly crossed a line during Spies, Lies, and Allies, the editors didn’t take her out of the show completely, indicating she’s likely to return in the future.

As for Josh, he has plenty of fans and enemies in the house. And while he doesn’t have the strongest elimination record, he continues to prove himself as a compelling veteran player. We imagine we’ll see him again in future seasons along with Fessy and Ashley. Perhaps they can all put their differences aside and move forward as allies.

The Challenge Season 37 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.

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