The Chase fans left in disbelief over answer to courtroom question on ITV show

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The Chase were left stunned after learning a very unusual fact about British courtrooms.

As four new contestants took on the chaser in a bid to win a large cash prize, fans at home were left stumped after a the trivia question took them by surprise on the latest episode.

Contestant Rod, 61, was the first contestant to take on Chase Jenny Ryan, aka The Vixen during his head-to-head when he was asked: “Which of these items has never been used in English or Welsh criminal court?”

Fans immediately took to social media to guess the answer, confidently guess the answer “red tap” as opposed to the other options – a judges gavel and a black cap.

But when the answer was revealed to be a judges gavel, viewers were left stumped, admitting they had no idea the item was not actually used by judges in the UK.

“Whaaaa??? Today I have learned a gavel fact. #TheChase,” confessed one viewer.

“OMG no way! I never knew that is that def right I’m shook.” Said a second.

Another pointed out the popular reality shows like Judge Rinder still use a gavel, which is possibly why Brits assumed it was used in real-life courtrooms.

“Im sure Judge Rinder has a gavel #thechase.”

The Vixen, who answered the question correctly, went on to tell the studio and stunned viewers at home: “It’s one of those things where you see period dramas and you’ve got the old-fashioned judge as he’s banging the gavel to quiet the court – that’s a complete myth. It’s never been used in English or Welsh court.”

A shocked Bradley responded: “What, never?”

“Never,” she agreed. To which he replied “wow”

The incorrect answer proved to be a huge blow for the delivery driver who was sent home.

The contestants went on to face Jenny in the final chase for £20k but after answering only 12 questions correctly, the remaining threesome were caught with 44 second to spare

The cheeky host was left perplexed after unexpected trivia revelation revealed there were 20,000 species of bee.

Bradley was immediately left stunned, claiming he couldn’t believe that there were so many bees, as he thought there “were only two.”

The 61-year-old then blurted out: “Eh? What? 20,000 species of bee? I thought were was just two – bee and bumble. I just thought honey bee and bumble. Never knew that never knew that fact. Never knew that.”

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