The Cube viewers hit out at contestant they accuse of ‘cheating’ ahead of £50k win

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The Cube viewers shared their outrage as two contestants took home the £50,000 prize after a difficult obstacle course.

Tayif and Mo from Manchester managed to pull off the near-impossible feat of beating The Cube, putting their £20,000 prize on the line to complete the final challenge – with only two lives remaining.

In the nail-biting final the duo had to swap all of their coloured balls over to the other side of the cube, which sounds simple enough.

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Yet, they could only transfer the balls by rolling them down a slide to each other and they could only take the ball out when it reached the bottom.

To the surprise of their host, Phillip Schofield who gasped and covered his mouth at the result, the brothers managed to defeat the game with only 0.4 seconds left on the clock.

The brothers jumped and hugged each other in delight before Philip embraced them and the reality of taking home the whopping prize sank in.

However, in spite of their amazing performance, not all viewers were convinced that the boys won fair and square.

Some fans even suggested that the brothers had cheated as Mo picked up some of the balls from the slide too early.

An eagle-eyed observer tweeted: “He clearly picked up the ball before it arrives at the red zone? Happy for them though.”

Another angry fan added: “Nah get lost that was clearly won by cheating. I had to rewind. He took the ball before it got to the red!! They failed other people for that! #thecube.”

A handful of viewers disagreed with the ITV show’s judgement call, as after watching the moment back they were positive of foul play.

As some other fan wrote: “Hey, the CUBE. How come you let these guys win when they should’ve lost??"

Then another watcher challenged: “That guy on the cube took one of the balls way too early, something not right there #thecube”

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