The Dog House viewers all have the same complaint as Christmas special takes heart-breaking turn

THE Dog House fans have been left broken-hearted over the ending of the Channel 4 show's dark ending.

While following the lives of the animals and staff inside Wood Green, The Animals Charity, the show mainly documents the tale of matching homeless dogs with their forever homes.

The charity takes in dogs who could no longer be looked over by their owners or were found abandoned or stray.

From big pooches to small, the show has found a number of our furry friends a loving home and it has gone on to become a popular hit amongst Brits.

However, fans have been left venting their disappointment on Twitter over the show's Christmas special.

Fans felt it ended on a "sad note" after a pooch called Bentley didn't get the best ending.

Viewers became enraged when they heard how Bentley's previous owners returned him after two days of owning him because he peed indoors.

One fan tweeted: "2 days?? Really?? You returned poor Bentley after just two days because he peed indoors?? Wtaf! My 13yo patterdale had a pee indoors a month ago because she got really scared of a firework. It happens! I’m sorry, but this gentleman is not ready to have a dog! #thedoghouse"

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Another agree, quote tweeting back in response: "How much was he being pushed to "have a dog" by his niece? Were there warning bells that we did not see? #TheDogHouse."

One fan pointed out how even upon meeting Bentley, the former owner should have caused "alarm bells".

The viewer said: "I think alarm bells should have rang when Bentley met that guy. He certainly wasn’t expecting a dog to jump up and lick him, he just looked like he’d never handled a dog before. Think his niece was keener than him, maybe he should get a cat #thedoghouse."

"He really wasnt ready for a dog. When Bentley jumped up to lick him he looked horrified," noticed another.

"4 a Christmas edition #thedoghouse ended on a sad note! What about poor dom and holly?" one viewer complained.

The Christmas-themed episode aired on Thursday evening and followed the tale of Michael the lurcher and one-eyed Clarence who are both looking for new homes.

It comes after The Dog House viewers broke down in tears after an abandoned pooch finally found its "forever home".

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