The great British banknote quiz! Can YOU score full marks?

The great British banknote quiz! As the new £20 note enters circulation, these 10 questions will put you to the test (so, can YOU score full marks?)

  • New £20 polymer bank note, featuring JMW Turner, enters circulation today
  • To mark the occasion Ocean Finance created a tricky British banknote quiz
  • The 10 questions will test your knowledge of famous faces and general facts

This surprisingly tricky quiz promises to put your knowledge of British banknotes to the test.

The 10 questions, each accompanied by a visual clue, touch on a wide-reaching range of topics including general knowledge, royal history and science.

The challenge was created by UK-based loan company Ocean Finance to mark the launch of the new £20 note, which enters circulation today.

The great British banknote quiz was created by Ocean Finance to mark the launch of the new £20 note today. Pictured, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney with the note this morning

The polymer banknote features a self-portrait of artist J.M.W. Turner alongside his painting The Fighting Temeraire.

The painting depicts the Royal Navy ship HMS Temeraire, which helped win the 1805 Battle of Trafalgar, being hauled away by a tug at the end of its life.

The public will begin to see the new £20 from today as the notes leave cash centres around the country and enter general circulation. 

So, think you have what it takes to score full marks in the great British banknote quiz? Scroll down to play and then check your answers at the bottom. 












1. William Shakespeare

2. 1990

3. £10 note

4. 2016

5. Alan Turing

6. Florence Nightingale

7. Charles Dickens

8. The Bank of England Governor’s signature is visible under UV light

9. One

10. Torn apart

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