The Handmaid’s Tale season 5 theories: Nick Blaine’s fate ‘sealed’ in Testaments clue?

The Handmaid's Tale: Trailer for fourth series released

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Nick Blaine (played by Max Minghella) has acted as a spy of Gilead and, during season four of The Handmaid’s Tale, his role as a commander put him more dangerous positions than ever before. With Nick separated from June Osborne (Elisabeth Moss) and their daughter Nichole, who are in Canada, fans have wondered what the future holds for the Commander. Has a clue been revealed in Margaret Atwood’s sequel, The Testaments? Will Nick survive his life in Gilead or will he soon meet a tragic end?

Nick has never been comfortable in his role as Commander and has slowly been making moves to rescue the innocent citizens of the totalitarian state.

Fans have been discussing the horrific scene where June smears Fred Waterford’s (Joseph Fiennes) blood over her daughter Nichole.

One viewer theorised the scene symbolised Fred being the true father of Nichole and not Nick.

However, another pointed out lessening Nick’s role in the show would be a huge deviation from Atwood’s novel The Testaments, which is set 15 years later.

Instead, they pointed out Nick was confirmed as Nichole’s father and has a big role to play when the series catches up with the events of the book.

Posting on Reddit, they explained: “It would be a huge deviation from the books.

“I just don’t see them completely cutting Nick out of the storyline like that. Nichole’s father (Nick) is mentioned in The Testaments.

“He is said to be doing the same thing as June as in ‘being up to her neck in the resistance’ and is said to be ‘so deep underground (in the resistance) that he needs a breathing tube’,” they continued.

“Also, Nichole is reunited with her father and Fred is dead so…”

Responding to the post, many viewers seemed relieved by the news of Nick’s continued involvement in the story.

One said: “This is actually very reassuring to me lol! I had been assuming that THT would kill off June and/or Nick at some point.

“But if they are alive in TT, I doubt the show will deviate from that and kill them.” (sic)

“Yeah I don’t see them changing that big of a part of the story. I think Margaret Atwood would have something to say about it!” another remarked.

However, one person wasn’t so sure as The Handmaid’s Tale has deviated many times in the past.

They added: “You mean the testaments, I know, They already deviated from the original source material of the first book.” (sic).

Another stated: “I thought Bruce Miller said paternity has been confirmed by a test and it will be revealed in season 5. I have no doubt though that Nick is the daddy.”

Though, Nick’s role in Gilead could still be in grave danger. As part of the Resistance, if he was uncovered, he’d end up on The Wall.

In season one, June discovered Nick was an Eye, a member of the secret police in Gilead, whose purpose is to spy on the residents for any signs of rebellion.

Should a citizen find themselves guilty, the Eye kidnaps, tortures, and murders them.

However, Nick has often found himself in a difficult position as he also has ties to The Marthas’ Network, a self-organised resistance group used to exchange news and secrets.

This will undoubtedly be extremely dangerous for Nick going forward, especially considering he is juggling so many moving parts.

Could his involvement lead to his eventual death sooner than audiences and readers think?

The Handmaid’s Tale season four continues every Sunday at 9pm on Channel 4, and will also be available on 4oD after airing.

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