The Love Trap viewers slam new dating show over list of issues but 'love seeing contestants fall through the floor'

CHANNEL 4 viewers took to social media to complain after new dating show The Love Trap failed to meet their standards.

Fans were left disappointed by the programme, which aired for the first time on Wednesday night, and slammed it as "s***" on Twitter.

Viewers went on to list a number of scathing reasons they wouldn't be tuning into the Channel 4 dating show for the next installment.

Those willing to return admitted they were there just to see "girls falling through the floor" in the bizarre trap door twist at the end of each episode.

Within minutes of the show airing, fans flooded Twitter with comparisons to ITV dating show Ready To Mingle – slamming it for being "not original".

While others raged that the show's eligible bachelor – David Birtwistle – was immediately recognisibly as having been on Netflix's Too Hot To Handle.

"Not very original," one woman scathed, before pointing out: "And they cast a guy from Too Hot To Handle. Already prefer Ready To Mingle."

"Oh. I’ve already seen this. It was called Ready to Mingle," a second scathed, as a third added: "Didn't they already do this on ITV2 with Katherine Ryan?"

As the show went on, some viewers lamented at how "scripted" The Love Trap appeared to be as they noted it had been filmed "over two days".

"Yeah, about The Love Trap. The production team could at least try to make it look like it's not filmed across two days," one said.

A second agreed: "Christ you can see all the stage work under the floor, that bit is filmed in a studio. It's not the mansion."

"Nah that's a studio in Elstree mate. Look at the fake surprise, the trap room is a studio fake set," a third said, as a fourth wrote: "The acting in this…"

The one part of the show that did excite viewers was the ending twist – which saw one woman plummet through the floor via a trap door.

"This show is honestly s*** but I'm still gonna watch cause I wanna see some people fall through the floor," one woman said.

"I'd be supremely happy just watching a show where people unexpectedly fell through trapdoors throughout. I don't need a premise," a second joked.

"I WANNA SEE SOMEONE FALLS TO THE FLOOR," a third said as a fourth wrote: "Do I care? No! I just wanna see girls fall through the floor."

New dating show The Love Trap will see the array of beautiful women compete for the attention of a handsome singleton David.

The winner will be granted a coveted £20,000 cash prize if they can seduce the 34-year-old personal trainer – but not all of the girls are single.

More rivals join in the second episode as they take extra steps to win his affections in the “chemistry test”, each cuddling him affectionately in bed.

Even host Joel Dommett, as well as the producers, were stunned at how physical the women got with David – with some even rubbing his bare chest, licking his neck and nibbling his earlobe.

Joel, who fronts The Masked Singer, said he would be “absolutely livid” if he was one of the boyfriends watching at home.

He said: “We didn’t really think anything like a kiss, or even further was going to happen. My Lord, were we very wrong, they really went in.

“They must have had a conversation with their boyfriends at home and gone like, ‘let’s win this 20 grand, you’ve got to not be offended by this. I’m going to kiss him, I’m going to do this, I’m going to do that’.

“And fair play, they really did – because a lot of the time we were like, ‘that person can’t have a boyfriend because if I was that boyfriend, I would be absolutely livid right now’.”

For those that are unlucky enough to be rejected by David, they are shockingly dropped through a trapdoor.

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