The Marvelous Mrs Maisel star teases Shirley’s ‘big surprise’

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 5 – Official Trailer

Marvelous Mrs Maisel star Caroline Aaron teased some huge surprises in store for Shirley Maisel and the rest of the family when she spoke exclusively to

The series premiered its final season last Friday, and picked up after Shirley’s husband Moishe’s (played by Kevin Pollack) health scare at the end of season four.

“This ensemble; we really, really adored each other,” Aaron shared.

“And [we] really wanted to be together, and missed each other when we’re not. We hope to be working together on something else in the future.”

Unfortunately, Caroline’s time as the ex-mother-in-law to up-and-coming comedy star Midge Maisel (Rachel Brosnahan) has come to an end.

In the first three episodes, the series flashes forward to the 1980s to give fans a preview of Midge’s future, but the actual ending to the drama is still unknown.

Aaron revealed showrunners Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino were incredibly secretive about the final episode – and promises viewers will be just as surprised as she was when she found out how the show concludes.

“The whole season we wanted to know how are they going to land the plane,” she said. “What are they going to do?

“But they didn’t tell anybody, including Rachel. We had no idea. And I don’t know how soon they knew.”

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“Dan said they always knew from the day they started it how the ending-ending would be. But it was surprising, and we couldn’t wait to find out.

“But I think people will feel that there’s resolution in the relationships.”

Although the end of Midge’s story was locked in from the moment production started, Aaron was stunned when she went to film her final moments as Shirley.

“Yes, it was a very big surprise,” she confirmed. “And the things that they wanted us to do were a big surprise.”

“But it was really thrilling. Each season has got a little deeper, a little deeper, a little deeper.

“I can’t think of another story where the main character is divorced from my son, and yet we remain each other’s family. That’s really interesting, because you would think, ‘OK, goodbye to those people’.

“The story’s about her trajectory, her aspiring to do something. And yet, they kept us around and I’m so happy about it.”

Shirley has become one of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel’s most beloved supporting players, so fans will be keeping their fingers crossed for a happy ending for her and Moishe before the final credits roll.

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel season 5 continues Fridays on Prime Video.

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