The One Show fans seriously distracted by The Greatest Showman star’s unexpected accent

THE One Show viewers were left open-mouthed by The Greatest Showman actress Keala Settle's unexpected accent during her appearance on the show.

Hawaii native Keala appeared on Monday's instalment on The One Show to discuss her upcoming concert in London. 

Keala, who is perhaps best known for her role on The Greatest Showman, reflected on the film's Oscar-nominated song This Is Me which propelled her into stardom. 

However, many BBC viewers were left distracted by her British accent which left them gobsmacked. 

One confused fan took to Twitter and questioned: "Wait. What’s going on? She’s British. My mind is blown.”

Someone else said: I’m so confused is Keala Settle British?”

While another simply remarked: "Why is Keala Settle speaking with an English accent? I swore blind that she was American.

“I just Googled her and she is. What’s going on?” 

During the episode, Keala opened up about playing the bearded lady and signing This Is Me in the worldwide sensation – and even shared details surrounding a mini-stroke she suffered.

Just a week ahead of her 2018 Oscars performance, Keala lost motor functions in half of her body while suffering from a warning stroke during rehearsals for This Is Me.

She was later diagnosed with a rare cerebrovascular disorder known as Moyamoya disease. 

Reflecting on the experience she told The One Show viewers: "You have to compartmentalise things like that when you are working in an environment where things have to happen quickly. 

"I had been doing press willingly and wanted to all over the world, like a week and a half before I was on The Graham Norton Show and then went to Tokyo after that. 

"And then I came back to the US and that's when my body just said, 'We can't do this anymore, we haven't got the energy to do this." 

The One Show continues on weekdays at 7pm on BBC One. 

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