'The Pioneer Woman': Ree Drummond Fans Express Disappointment for Film Debut Only Available on discovery+

Ree Drummond made her acting debut in the movie Candy Coated Christmas. The star of The Pioneer Woman immersed herself in a fictional character for the film available through the discovery+ streaming service. Although most of the reviews from her followers have been favorable to her, many more have expressed their disappointment that it’s not more widely available.

Why are fans upset?

Fans of The Pioneer Woman star have been vocal about their disappointment about Candy Coated Christmas, the movie where Drummond made her acting debut. The film is exclusive to the discovery+ streaming service which requires users to pay. Many fans are saddened they can’t watch their icon in this new adventure and have expressed it online. Under an Instagram post on Drummond’s page dedicated to the movie, some followers took the opportunity to voice their thoughts.

“Too bad the higher ups choose to only make it available on a $reaming site. I will be missing it. I will wait for the reruns next year(s). Plenty of other Christmas movies to watch for free this year,” a fan wrote.

“Helped make her popular, now can’t afford to pay more to watch,” a follower added.

“As much as I would love to see this movie I’m not going to pay any more for the channel,” an Instagram user said.

“I wish we didn’t have to pay to see it,” another fan expressed.

“It’s sad that those of us who do not have discovery plus will [not] be privileged to see it. I’m sure you did great!” another follower noted.

“Don’t get discovery+. Too bad those of us who are loyal fans are not able to watch unless we pay more$$$,” another Instagram user said.

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