The Radfords's frustrate This Morning viewers with their bad Wifi

Parents of Britain’s biggest family The Radfords struggle to be heard over the noise of TEN of their 22 children during chaotic This Morning interview

  • Britain’s biggest family The Radford were live on this Morning via a video link 
  • Parents Sue, 45 and Noel, 50, discussed challenges of raising kids in lockdown 
  • But viewers dismayed by the family’s poor Internet connection and sound issues

This Morning viewers were left frustrated over a chaotic interview with the Radfords, Britain’s biggest family. 

Sue, 45 and Noel Radford, 50, from Lancashire, appeared on the ITV show via video link with ten of their younger children, to discuss their new TV programme 22 Kids and Counting, which premieres tonight. 

They told Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that they welcomed baby number 22, Heidi, in 2020 and have been doing their best to keep their brood happy while schools are closed.

However, their poor connection and the noise created by the children on the video link was distracting to most of the viewers, who complained they could not hear any of what was being said.  

Sue, 45 and Noel Radford, 50, the parents of Britain’s biggest family, tuned in on This Morning from their home in Morecambe, Lancashire. However, viewers were left frustrated by their poor connection and bad sound of their video link, as they answered Phil and Holly’s questions surrounded by the younger members of their brood

Sue and Noel took part in the show from home, surrounded by the younger members of their 22-strong brood, including baby of the family, Heidi. 

The busy parents explained their experience of this Winter lockdown had been different from the first one, which tool place from March until May 2020, because the bad weather had forced them to stay confined to their home. 

Dad Noel, who owns a bakery, admitted him and Sue had to fork out on five iPads to help with their children’s homeschooling. 

Sue, who gave birth in 2020 said the experience had been difficult, admitted it had been hard to not being able to get visitors in hospital after delivering Heidi, and that it had also been hard to have to stay in her hospital room, unable to walk in the maternity wards due to covid-19 regulations. 

Frustrated viewers said they couldn’t hear anything of what Sue and Noel were saying due to their poor WiFi connection 

However, the logistics of giving a TV interview surrounded by ten young children and teenagers proved too much for the parents-of-22, and proved frustrating for viewers. 

The couple’s answers were drowned by their poor Wifi connection and the noise of their enthusiastic children, making the most of being on telly. 

Phil chuckled: ‘it was never going to be easy’ as the children pulled faces and Sue and Noel struggled to stay on track.

Britain’s largest family The Radfords, pictured, have revealed their food bills have skyrocketed during the Covid-19 pandemic because their 22 children are ‘constantly eating’

22 Kids and Counting, a 4-part programme on Channel 5 which starts tonight, will document the Lancashire-based family’s life during lockdown and the perils of homeschooling

Viewers said the segment was frustrating to watch and quipped the family should invest in better WiFi.  

‘We’ve seen them now. Maybe put the kids in another room so we can actually hear you,’ one viewer said.  

‘Well this interview is going well… SAID NO ONE,’ said another. 

‘Connection bad, simply wrote one.  

‘Suppose with 22 kids you can’t afford decent WiFi,’ said another. 

‘You’d think that, if they were able to afford 22 kids, they’d had a better mic and Internet connection,’ said another. 

Sue, pictured with Noel and two of their children, confessed the challenges of homeschooling six children of secondary school age and five at primary school can be difficult

The family appeared on This Morning ahead of 22 Kids and Counting, their new four-part documentary, starting at 9pm on Channel 5 tonight. 

The show will document the Lancashire-based family’s life during lockdown and the perils of homeschooling. 

On average, the family consumes 16 pints of milk and four loaves of bread a day, and 24 toilet rolls, three tubes of toothpaste and 80 yoghurts a week, with Sue telling the Mirror: ‘Our food bill has nearly doubled as the children are constantly eating.’  

Meanwhile Sue confessed the challenges of homeschooling six children of secondary school age and five at primary school can be difficult. 

Sue joked: ‘We’ve got Heidie, who is 10 months, and quite a few toddlers so I am going in so many different directions when the kids are asking, ‘What’s this, Mum?’

“Trying to look after them has been hard.’

She added that the family have had to be extra careful after two ‘haircutting incidents’ saw younger children cutting each other’s hair.

But the mother-of-22 confessed she doesn’t like to ‘constantly shout’ and ‘lets a lot go over our heads.’

During the third national lockdown, the Radford family are not having to homeschool nine of their 22 children. Pictured: Family around table in March 2020

Despite the challenges, Sue added the family have become a lot closer since lockdown and said welcoming Heidie last April was extra special.

While the new show will document their time in lockdown and the chaos of homeschooling, Sue also regularly shares updates on family life via their YouTube channel and Instagram.

Earlier this month Sue admitted that the usual chaos in her home ‘couldn’t get any worse’ as she attempted to teach her youngest children during the pandemic.

She said she struggles to make sure all her children are on track with their schoolwork while keeping the household going.

In a recent Youtube vlog, Sue provided an insight into the family’s current morning routine as she battled to ‘prise’ all her children out of bed and get them fed before a day of virtual learning on Zoom.

The Radford children, pictured two years ago. Left to right, top row: Luke, Chloe, Mille, holding Hallie, Katie and Sophie. Left to right, middle row: Daniel, Ellie, father Noel Radford holding Phoebe, mother Sue holding Archie, Josh, and Jack. Left to right, bottom row: Aimee, Tilly, Max, Casper, Oscar, and James

In the video, as Sue attempted to prepare breakfast for every child and sort out technical difficulties for one of her children, another asked her questions about their work while another began to cry.

James, 16, Ellie, 14, Aimee, 13, Josh, 12, Max, 11, Tillie, nine, Oscar, eight, Casper, seven and Hallie, four, are all distance learning from the Radford family home.

The family, who starred in Channel 4’s 15 Kids and Counting back in 2012, regularly shared vlogs of their day to day experiences.

This is not the first homeschooling vlog their have shared, last month posting clips of the family sat around the kitchen table doing Maths and English homework.

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