The Rowan Atkinson Story: How Mr. Bean Built His $150 Million Fortune

Rowan Sebastian Atkinson is a famous English actor, comedian, and writer. He is best known for his work on the sitcoms ‘Blackadder’ and ‘Mr. Bean’, with the latter turning him into a beloved household figure the world over as a quirky, disruptive grown man displaying child-like character traits. Rowan first came to prominence in the sketch comedy show ‘Not The Nine O’Clock News’ that earned him the prestigious ‘BAFTA for Best Entertainment Performance’ award back in 1981.

Rowan has also starred in several other critically and commercially successful movies as well as theatre plays, with his role as a bumbling vicar in the 1994 film Four Weddings And a Funeral as well as his portrayal of ‘Fagin’ in the 2009 West End revival of the musical Oliver! earning him immense critical acclaim. The ‘Mr. Bean’ actor was listed as one of the 50 funniest actors in British comedy by ‘The Observer’ in 2007, further polishing his stand as one of the most versatile actors and on-stage performers the world has ever seen.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing for the beloved British actor, as his rise to the top was riddled with hardships. Rowan was a subject of bullying in his school years and was criticized for his looks, but came into his own while performing at his college’s comedy group, ‘The Oxford Revue’. Rowan’s perseverance and commitment to his passion for making people laugh, in turn, turned his fortunes around for the better.

His Humble Beginnings

Rowan’s love for acting saw him enroll in his college’s comedy group known as ‘The Oxford Revue’. The ‘Mr. Bean’ actor suffered from a noticeable stutter, which would disappear when he engrossed himself in the portrayal of his character.

His on-stage performance was well-received by the large audience at the world’s largest arts festival known as the ‘Edinburgh Festival Fringe’ in 1976, and it was during these glorious days that Rowan would begin working with actor Richard Curtis and composer Howard Goodall that would in turn kick-start his passionate journey as a critically acclaimed actor.

Rowan’s Inevitable Worldwide Recognition

1979 was a rather special one for Rowan. This year, the comedic actor made several much-appreciated appearances in a series of comedy shows for BBC radio called ‘The Atkinson People’. The popular series was penned by Rowan himself, with the help of actor Richard Curtis.

This year also marked Rowan’s first appearance on television, with the popular British one-off comedy television program called ‘Canned Laughter. Rowan’s popularity was on a steady ascend, as his work on the critically acclaimed BBC sketch comedy show ‘Not The Nine O’Clock News’ earned him worldwide recognition as well as the prestigious ‘BAFTA for Best Entertainment Performance’ award in 1981.

1983: A Versatile Artist In The Making

1983 was a massive part of Rowan’s stupendous acting career. The versatile genius would bag the lead role of ‘Blackadder’, a series of four pseudo-historical British sitcoms that would become one of the BBC’s most successful situation comedies, continuing to air till 1999. This role further cemented Rowan’s stance as one of the most accomplished and well-respected actors the world had ever seen.

1990: The Birth Of Mr. Bean

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The ‘Mr. Bean’ character is one of Rowan Atkinson’s most successful creations. The beloved character, described by Rowan as ‘a child in a man’s body’ was conceived by the British actor during his studious days at Oxford, with the show’s first appearance at New Year’s Day 1990 on ITV lauded by a worldwide audience.

Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis helmed Mr. Bean series would see a glorious five-year run, with its success culminating into the production of several movies involving the loveable yet peculiar character in the years to come. The immense success of the concept would also see an animated version of the Mr. Bean series created in 2002, in turn establishing a franchise that is revered by millions across the globe.

Rowan’s Other Areas Of Interests

The versatile British actor also possesses an immense passion for flying airplanes as well as racing blisteringly quick sports cars—the actor also likes to spend his enormous $150 million fortune on an array of limited edition exotic cars like the McLaren F1, whose value stands at an eye-watering $20.5 million in recent times.

Rowan also has a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Oxford University, with his dynamic personality emanating talent, intelligence, and a focused outlook on life has unsurprisingly turned him into one of the most revered celebrities the world over.

Rowan Atkinson is undoubtedly one of the most gifted actors the world has ever seen. The British comedic genius is a perfect example of how passion and hard work is the key to success, with his versatility and undeniable love for acting turning him into a global success. The film fraternity is often criticized for its dependency on good-looking and well-toned actors, but Rowan Atkinson’s immense talent has managed to overshadow these requirements, making him one of the most skillful actors with a near unmatched global outreach. The hardworking performer will forever be regarded as ‘Mr. Bean’, with his stance in the film industry encompassing a nearly unmatched aura of magnificence.

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