‘The shamelessness!’ Piers Morgan savaged over claims of winning input to Emma Raducanu

Jeremy Vine panellist slams Piers Morgan's comments on Raducanu

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Jeremy Vine panellists Martin Daubney and Matthew Stadlen have slammed Piers Morgan over Twitter remarks he made about Emma Raducanu, who became the first woman tennis player to win a tennis Grand Slam in 40 years.  The slamming came after Mr Morgan claimed the teenage US open star took his advice to to secure her victory.

Panellist Martin Daubney said: “I think that the huge victory is not isolated in the sense that the fact she had to bow out of Wimbledon due to the panic attack she had at the time.

“She was berated by a lot of people like Piers Morgan who got a load of stick, deservedly so when she triumphed at the weekend.  

Host Jeremy Vine chipped in: “Piers said that she won on Saturday because she’d taken his advice. 

Co-panellist Matthew Stadlen then shouted: “The shamelessness!”

He continued: “This is the very definition of shamelessness.

Mr Daubney chipped in: “Rule number one, everything is about Piers Morgan.”


Mr Stadlen said: “Of course it is.”

Raducanu won the final of the US Open on Saturday, becoming the first British woman to win a Grand Slam singles title since 1977. 

Piers Morgan had criticised the star earlier this year after she retired from a game at Wimbledon following breathing difficulties.

However, following the US Open women’s final, the broadcaster associated himself with Raducanu’s win.

Piers Morgan tweeted yesterday: “Emma Raducanu is a brilliant role model.

“Choked at Wimbledon, honestly admitted it, never whined or blamed anyone else, resolved to handle pressure better, and then roars back to win US Open three months later.

“My kind of sporting hero.”
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