The Simpsons ‘predict US Capitol carnage’ with episode from 2020

The Simpsons has sparked a frenzy after fans insisted the animated sitcom had once again "predicted the future" with an episode said to be similar to the riots at the Capitol building in Washington DC yesterday.

In a clip from the 31st Treehouse of Horror episode, buildings burn and rioters storm the streets of Springfield after Homer Simpson forgot to vote in the US election, with his one being the decider.

The episode, which aired on November 1 last year, shows Homer wake up the night after failing to cast his ballot and say: "Hey, how bad can it be?"

In a flash-forward to January 20, 2021, Inauguration Day, which is in the middle of an apocalypse.

Although it's yet to reach the date, fans of the show were convinced it bore a striking similarity to yesterday's carnage, where a female protester was shot dead.

Speaking out on Twitter, one viewer said: "It’s gonna last until the 20th cuz the simpsons said it #Capitol #WashingtonDC."

"Again, The Simpsons saw it coming," a second fan said.

"The Simpsons predicted future again," commented another believer of the weird theory.

Another person commented: "Oh my god the Simpsons predicted the capitol building riots! What's next?!"

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There have now been more than 600 episodes of The Simpsons, which first aired as a Christmas special in 1989, and fans are increasingly finding material that bears a striking similarity to real-life events.

Disney+ even has a collection of episodes called "Simpsons Predicts".

This comes after people reckoned The Simpsons "predicted coronavirus" with an episode from 27 years ago and some even claim the show knew Tom Hanks would have to self-isolate with the virus.

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