The SwitchBot Button Pusher\ufeff Can Turn Almost Any Gadget Into A Smart Device

Nowadays, you can basically buy a “smart” version of everything—think, a lawn sprinkler that knows when to water the grass or a fridge that will help you put together a grocery list. But then there are those old school appliances you just don’t want to part with, like that treasured coffee maker you have to turn on manually. Well, there’s hope for those gadgets yet. Behold the SwitchBot Smart Switch Button Pusher.

This little tool will turn your analog devices—whether it’s your light switch, a coffee machine, or your computer—into smart ones. Here’s how it works. The actual device, which btw is on sale for $10 off right now, is a little square box that you can literally tape on top of a button or rocker switch. When controlled from your phone, via the SwitchBot app, the box will manually press the button you want to switch on or off.

In the app, you can set scheduled timers to turn things on and off, even when you’re miles away or don’t want to get out of bed to do it. As long as you tape the Switchbot next to an on/off button, you’re good to go.

The button pusher has nearly 4,000 positive reviews from people who say that installing it has really saved them a lot of time.

“Every damn day, I pull up to my garage, get out, unlock the front gate, walk down a hall, open the garage door side entrance, press the button to open the garage, walk out garage, get in car, drive forward, get out, push button to close the garage… EVERY DAY…. Until now,” wrote one reviewer.

People say it’s also a lot cheaper than buying actual smart home products.

“I am renting, and didn’t want to change out light switch fixtures to get smart switches. Instead, I just installed a few of these things around my house to smarten up my home. I bought two, and they both work great. They have enough strength to control most paddle switches,” wrote another customer.

If you grab it while it’s still on sale, you can buy the SwitchBot Smart Switch Button Pusher for $29.00 on Amazon right now.

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