The TikTok Chef: A Look At Chef Burak Özdemir’s Rise To The Top

Charismatic Burak Özdemir is among the highest paid TiTtok influencer who has amassed an estimated net worth of $11 million. This figure was only based on his earnings from the social media platform, as well as paid partnerships and advertisements through his various social media account. Some of his YouTube earnings is still unaccounted to this net worth.

The Turkish chef has secured the top spot of Tiktok users who has garnered massive following with 47.5 million followers and about 881.2 million likes on his videos. His videos mainly comprise of him cooking huge dishes while he was sincerely smiling to the cameras. Burak Özdemir’s creativity towards his videos has made him among the most watched content creator on the app. Take a look at how he successfully made his way to the top.

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Burak Özdemir’s Upbringing And Cooking Background

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Burak Özdemir was born to an Arab family in small Turkish town just near the Syrian border, Yayladagi. His father owned some textile shop called Cinzano where he helped during his childhood and earned him the nickname CZN. The Turkish chef’s cooking skills was passed down to him by his grandfather who is evidently a knife master. With the skills he got from his grandfather, he was able to open his own restaurant. He was able to do this since at the age of 16 years old, his family as placed the responsibility of their family restaurant on his shoulders which he amazingly able to handle and manage. The restaurant mainly serves traditional Turkish and Middle Eastern dishes.

At the time, Burak recalled that no one has believed in him because the restaurant was opened by his family and not by him. Luckily, he was able to find a common language with the whole team of the restaurant from the cooks and to the waiters. With his exceptional skills, he was able to show the people that he sees the restaurant not as something he owns but something which is valuable to his family and him. He managed to do all of this because Burak Özdemir observed his father’s management skills.

The restaurant turned into a chain which has about half dozen branches including the ones located in Turkey and Dubai. All of these would have been a normal accomplishment but he has something in him that makes him so much more special. His ability to cook and use the knife perfectly is among his exceptional skill that a lot of his Tiktok followers admire. All of these are impressive although not really exceptional; it is his gimmicks and antics that made him famous on the app.

Burak Özdemir’s Gimmicks And Antics That Made Him Famous

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Burak Özdemir is known for his constant grinning and massive sense of humor. The videos uploaded on are his Tiktok have him always smiling while he is chopping the ingredients of the dish he is cooking. The said antics created a slapstick routine where he somehow manages to come away with all of his five fingers still intact. People are actually wondering if he is blind since he has a different way of staring into the camera, however his eyesight is perfectly intact and has no issues with his vision. He basically rose to fame with the help of the people from social media who shared the videos of Burak Özdemir’s giant dishes such as the biggest pizza in the world, fries, etc.

Burak became popularly known in Tiktok because he always go big and grand with his cooking. He loves supersize dishes which the users have found mesmerizing. He also uses some outsized kitchenware and utensils which naturally drew his videos to the crowd and eventually led those videos to become viral. He became famous because of his famous 40-inch kebabs which he showcased as if it was a culinary weapon in lots of his posts and videos. He also cooked an entire ostrich in one of his videos which is pretty impressive considering the massive size of the dish. Most of his dishes are grand and flamboyant, he has created a huge burger, hot dogs and cheese balls which are all included in the menu of his restaurant.

Getting Recognition From Around The Globe

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Burak Özdemir has an exceptional job which grows his bank account tremendously. With his massive following on Tiktok, he also has massive following on YouTube with 3.06 million subscribers and on Instagram with 28.1 million followers. He was recognized as among the TikTok’s top celebrity earners last September 2021 and he is definitely taking home huge amount of wealth from these massive following. He managed to achieve all of this even though he is only 27 years old. There are also plenty of celebrity visitors on his restaurant chain which he usually put on his social media accounts.

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