The Walking Dead fans horrified as Alpha and Negan have sex in woods – and she keeps her Whisperer mask on – The Sun

THE Walking Dead aired its most controversial sex scene to date in the mid-season premiere.

The AMC zombie drama returned with fresh insights into Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) infiltration of The Whisperers, specifically his relationship with leader Alpha (Samantha Morton).

Negan has previously proved his worth with a series of gruelling trials testing his strength, endurance and survival skills.

However, his latest test was decidedly kinkier in nature as Alpha demanded that he stripped naked for her.

Clearly on edge, Negan asked her if she was going to turn into a praying mantis and bite off his head after doing the deed.

However, after being met with silence, he joked that “it had been a long time” and said he was willing to “take his chances.”


Alpha undressed too and before long the pair were getting down and dirty in the middle of the forest.

While the pair are certainly a match made in hell, it was Alpha’s insistence on keeping her skin mask on that left viewers repulsed.

Fans took to social media to express their horror at the rogue romp.

“Whoever thought that last shot of Alpha and Negan would be a good idea should be fired,” one user wrote.

“Seeing Negan and Alpha naked was disturbing! Some things cannot be unseen; it was like watching my parents have sex,” a second chimed in.

A third added: “We have seen some pretty disturbing scenes in The Walking Dead but that scene from Negan and Alpha is just utterly disturbing on an exponential level.”

While a fourth chimed in: “Yeah so… my eyes were assaulted.  I think Negan and Alpha is the worst thing I have ever seen.”

In the Robert Kirkman comics, upon which The Walking Dead is based, Negan ends up beheading Alpha after winning her trust.

Could the sex scene pave the way for him to take her out while she’s at her most vulnerable?

In other The Walking Dead news, show boss Angela Kang recently revealed that season 10 would end with an epic cliffhanger.

The Walking Dead season 10 continues next Wednesday on AMC in the US and on Fox the following day in the UK.

Past episodes are currently available to watch on NOW TV.

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