The Works 80% off sale will help parents stock up on home school stationery

 THE Works has slashed prices on sets of stationary, books, games and toys by up to 80%.

The offer is ideal for parents who need to stock up on home school stationary and activities for their children. 

Boris Johnson announced on Wednesday that schools would definitely not reopen after February half term and will stay closed until at least March 8. 

The Works' sale is already live and will be running right up until midnight on Monday (February 1). 

However, all branches are currently closed inline with the government's coronavirus lockdown measures so shoppers will need to head online to snap up the deals.

Click & Collect services are not currently available so online shoppers will have to take delivery costs into account.

What to watch out for when buying toys online

HERE are the British Toy and Hobby Association’s top tips for buying toys online:

  1. Shop early. Don't leave ourchases to the last minute rush which might leave you fewer options of where to buy from.
  2. Check out third-party sellers. Look for sellers you recognise and trust. Be cautious of retailers you don't know and do your research checking reviews and where they're based.
  3. Go for branded toys. Try and choose a branded toy as then you can compare it to the manufacturer's own website to check it's legit.
  4. Be careful of going for the cheapest price. If something looks too good to be true, it probably is.
  5. Check if there are any age restrictions. Make sure you give suitable toys to children based on their age.
  6. Check reviews carefully. Some reviews are fake so look carefully at the comments.
  7. Stay with children at first. When your child opens a toy for the first time, stay with them and check for faults, detachable small parts, access to stuffing and loose or accessible batteries or magnets.

The Works charges £2.99 on orders under £30 for standard delivery, or free delivery on more expensive orders.

Meanwhile, next day delivery costs £4.99 on orders under £30 and £2 on orders over that amount.  

But before you part with your cash, always compare the deal with prices and products elsewhere.

Here's our pick of some of the best offers:

Busy Bee Stationery Set

  • Was: £10. Now: £8. Save: £2 (20%) – Buy now

This 27 piece Busy Bee stationery set from Scribblicious has everything you need for highlighting, writing, organising and decorating. 

It includes a notebook, two HB pencils, one blue ink penk, a 15cm ruler, a sharpener, an eraser, 10 paper clips, six gel pens and four highlighters. 

It also all comes in a pretty but practical blue case. 

We couldn’t find a better deal on this particular set anywhere else.

However, Claire’s is offering a simpler set with one pen, one eraser, one ruler, one pencil sharpener, one notebook and a mini notepad reduced from £10 to £4.

My Secret Union: 10 Book Collection

  • Was: £59.99. Now: £10. Save: £49.99. (83%) – Buy now

The “My Secret Union” books by Linda Chapman follow Lauren’s pony, Twilight who is secretly a unicorn.

This collection contains ten books for 83% off at just £10 – saving you a massive £49.99. 

The online stoor Books 2 Door is also selling the collection at a massively reduced price at £16.82 so you’ll save £6.82 more if you buy  it through The Works. 

Soft EVA Building Blocks: 70 Piece Set

  • Was: £15. Now: £10. Save: £5 (30%) – Buy now

This set of 70 colourful building blocks has been slashed by 30% to £10. 

The playset, which is ideal for home learning, also comes in a neat case complete with a handle.

This is by far the best deal we could find on soft EVA building box sets. 

Wish is selling a 50 Piece EVA set for £11 so you can get more for your money with The Works deal.

75 Piece Wooden Case Stationery Set

  • Was: £10. Now: £8. Save: £2 (20%) – Buy now

This incredible wooden stationery set is filled with 75 pieces of high quality supplies stored in a wooden case which features a fold out upper level tray.

It includes, eight top grade sketching pencils, 60 Quality colouring pencils, one metal sharpener, three glitter gel pens and three gel pens.

We couldn’t find a better deal on this particular set anywhere else. 

However, we did find a 250-piece art set from Rymans that had been reduced from £15 to £9.99 although it comes in a simple black plastic box.

Science 4 You – The Science of Magic

  • Was: £29.99. Now: £10. Save: £16.99 (63%) – Buy now

This science play kit is filled with 28 different science experiments with materials to build optical illusions, and pierce a bag without exploding it. 

Parents can spice up their kids’ science lessons by introducing these fun experiments. 

For 63% off, this is the best deal we found on Science 4 You “The Science of Magic” set. 

You can get the “Magic of Rainbows” set from Science 4 You from Argos for £12.99.

Swing Pong Game

  • Was: £10.00 Now: £5. Save: £5 (50%) – Buy now

To mix it up from Joe Wicks, The Works has you covered with this Swing Pong Game for just £5. 

It’s perfect for multiplayer matches and hours of solo hand-eye-coordination practice.

The game comes with three ping pong balls, a training stand and three ping pong bats. 

Swing Pong Game is selling on eBay for £7 so you can still save £2 with The Works deal.

Colour your own bunny and bear racksack

  • Was: £15 Now: £10. Save: £5 (30%) – Buy now

This bunny and bear rucksack colour set allows children to get creative and personalise their toys. 

It comes with the rucksack and the bunny plush all for £10. 

The Works offer is by far the best deal we could find with a 30% saving as it’s still selling for £15 on Affinity Direct. 

In other news, ALDI is launching a new range of reduced price beers that start from just 99p each after saving pub stock from going to waste.

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