There are no quick fixes Graham Norton shares health worries before milestone birthday

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TV presenter Graham Norton has addressed his health “worries” ahead of celebrating his milestone 60th birthday in two years time. The presenter of the BBC’s The Graham Norton Show told how he has learnt the importance of taking care of his body, as “there are no quick fixes” as he gets older, while comparing his body to a “pretty ropey secondhand car”.

Oh, actually, at my age, there are no quick fixes

Graham Norton

Speaking about approaching 60, the TV personality said that his health ailments have crept up on him “slowly”.

Graham said: “Your body doesn’t know that it’s a milestone because it’s just getting on with it I suppose.

“There was a slow, slow thing that happened – I now have to worry about my back and go to the physio.

“Dull things like that,” he added.

The star went on to admit that while approaching the milestone birthday, he realised that his body requires constant maintenance to keep it from getting “bad”.

Graham explained: “And you realise, ‘Oh, actually, at my age, there are no quick fixes’.

“If you’re a kid and you have something wrong with you, it gets mended.

“When you’re 58, you need to keep doing those exercises for the rest of your life, or your back will be bad again,” he confessed to The Mirror.

Earlier in the year, the star revealed that he underwent a major operation after lying to his parents about having a pain in his stomach, in order to get out of school.

Speaking to former The Great British Bake Off presenter Mel Giedroyc on her show Unforgivable, Graham addressed the incident, which occured when he was seven-years-old.

After pretending to have a stomach ache to get out of going to school, Graham was taken to the doctors by his mum, but joked that he was “committed” to his lie.

He even kept up with the fib when the doctor said he would have to have his appendix removed.

Graham told the host and fellow guests: “When I was seven or eight, I didn’t want to go to school so I feigned illness and started going, ‘Ow, tummy ache’.

“So my mother said, ‘Fine, don’t go to school and we will go to the doctor’.

“The doctor’s examining me and I’m going, ‘Ow!’ I thought he was going to tell my mother there was nothing wrong with me and I was in such trouble,” he revealed.

“But he told me I had something called appendicitis and next week I’d be going to hospital to have my appendix out,” Graham continued.

“I then thought I was really f****d because either I have an operation I don’t need or I tell the doctor there’s nothing wrong with me and there will be two very angry adults.

“So I had the operation!” Graham admitted.

Shocked at the confession, Mel responded: “Wow! You were prepared to have one of your internal organs removed just for the sake of that lie.”

“You’ve got to commit, I always feel,” Graham joked.

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