This £12.95 wine aerator will improve the quality of your red wine

Entertaining this Christmas? Savvy shoppers are snapping up this £13 wine aerator that ‘makes an enormous difference’ to the taste and quality of red wine

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If you want to impress guests when entertaining over the festive season then it might be worth following the thousands of Amazon shoppers who have found a product that improves the taste and quality of red wine. 

The £12.95 Savisto Wine Aerator has received over 2,600 perfect five-star reviews from shoppers who claim it ‘makes a wine feel like it’s double the price you paid for it’.

If you’ve ever read a wine’s tasting notes only to be left disappointed by the flavour, then an aerator can help as it works to make these notes more pronounced. It essentially improves the taste and finish of your glass, helping you get the most out of every sip – no matter how cheap the bottle. 

The £12.95 Savisto Wine Aerator has over 2,600 five-star reviews from shoppers who say it makes an unbelievable difference to the flavour of wine 

To unlock the full potential of your bottle of red it needs to be left to breathe but after a long day at work or when hosting, it’s not always practical to wait an hour or so.

The Savisto Wine Aerator allows your wine to breathe far more rapidly. By exposing the glass to oxygen, it helps to evaporate the wine’s sulphates, opening it up to flavours and enhancing the taste and aroma. 

And according to thousands of shoppers it really works, with many raving how ‘it makes an unbelievable difference to the flavour of the wine’. 

The Savisto Wine Aerator scores big on two main points. Firstly, it’s been designed to maximise the red wine’s oxygen exposure to accelerate tannin oxidation, resulting in a better bouquet, enhanced flavour and a smoother finish. 

Secondly, it has a removable mesh sediment filter that separates the bitter precipitate sometimes found in wine, making for a smoother consistency and taste. 

Whether you’ve opted for a budget bottle from the supermarket or splashed out on an expensive higher-end bottle, shoppers have found this gadget ‘makes a pleasurable difference to any wine’. 

In fact, many users have been so impressed they’ve claimed it ‘it turns a £5 into a £10 bottle’ and ‘makes cheaper wine taste smooth, finer wine even better’.

The aerator has a filter to extract sediments and speeds up the time it takes for a wine to breathe allowing for a fuller taste and smoother finish 

While some aerators can cost up to £70, at just £12.95 the Savisto Wine Aerator is a brilliant budget buy that can make all the difference to your wine.  

One impressed shopper left a glowing review, writing: ‘Must have product for red wine drinkers. I have been using this product for a couple of months now, It makes an enormous difference to the taste and quality of the red wine I drink. So much so, that I have now bought 3 more as Christmas gifts. Highly recommended! 

Another agreed, adding: ‘This gadget is simply put…. Magic. Now cheap wine tastes better, mid price wines taste like you’ve broke the bank… what I did before discovering this I don’t know.’

A third penned: ‘We drink quite a bit of red wine and never pay much for a bottle. Four of us did a blind taste test using the aerator, and we all tasted a difference.

‘The aerated wine was smoother and nicer tasting. It is easy to use, easy to clean and actually looks quite attractive.’

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