This Morning guest admits affair live on air – but Holly Willoughby insists she CAN save her marriage

THIS Morning was left rocked today when a guest admitted to an affair live on air.

However, host Holly Willoughby, 40, stepped into insist that the caller could still save her marriage.

It all happened when a woman going by the name Emma called in during the show's live phone in.

Hosts Holly and Phil introduced a segment called 'Dealing with divorce' with resident agony aunt Vanessa Feltz.

The trio welcomed onto the show a series of callers, all of whom were going through relationship troubles.

One of them, Emma, admitted to having an affair during a particularly honest chat.

She was ringing for advice when she revealed her personal story on today's show.

Phil said: "Would you like to explain to Vanessa where you are right now and what is happening?"

"Yeah so basically, erm, I had an affair last year," the caller said, adding: "My husband found out about it and we both really want to stay together.

"We have both been working through it and we really want to make it to work, but we have good moments and we have bad moments.

"We have moments my husband is struggling with anger and feelings and we take a step back."

Vanessa nodded as Holly and Phil looked on solemnly at what Emma was revealing.

She added: "But we have moments where it feels like we are back to the old us again.

"So it is knowing what to do to movLLe forward, really."

But Holly also reassured the woman that things would get better and her marriage is still saveable.

Addressing the caller she said: "People do get through it.

"We've had people call in here where it has works. So rest assured you can get through it.

Holly said: "It sounds like you both want it to, which is half the battle."

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