This week it's Lauren, 33, and Richard, 32, on a virtual date

Who’ll find love on our virtual date? This week it’s Lauren, 33, and Richard, 32, but will romance be on the cards?

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  • Lauren, 33, and Richard, 32, this week conducted their meeting virtually 
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Lauren, (pictured), 33, has been single for 11 months

Lauren, 33   

Dating Past?

I’ve had a couple of serious relationships — the longest lasted three years. I have dated people who have continually blown hot and cold. It’s not a rollercoaster I want to be on any longer.

I worked hard to have a good career, own my home and be debt-free, so I am ready to settle down and move on to the next stage.


Single for 11 months, no children.


Sales in the wine industry.


Someone kind and funny who has outgrown the ‘lad’ mentality and knows there’s more to life than getting smashed. I’m too old for drunken 4am calls. 

Pre-Date Nerves?

No, meeting new people is what I do. My mum put me forward for this and even had a premonition that I’d find the man of my dreams by taking part, so no pressure. I trust her. She’s my best friend.

First Impressions?

Richard was immediately friendly and put me at ease. He’s a large guy and has a stubble beard. I felt comfortable talking to him. From what I could tell he was wearing a white shirt. I’d popped a jumper on as it was a chilly day.

Easy To Talk To?

We talked about our cats. I’ve got a black one known as Ralph and a tabby named George, and Richard has a black cat called Phantom.

We bonded over the fact that we’ve both bought our own houses, and grumbled about the surprises you encounter when you get the keys. 

Richard discovered his boiler didn’t work, while I found out the loo wouldn’t even flush. He made me laugh — he’s a witty guy.

Embarrassing Moments?

None at all.

Did Sparks Fly?


LIKED? Richard is very friendly.

REGRETS? Not being hones about why I didn’t give him my number.


Unfortunately not for me. It sounds shallow, but Richard rarely drinks and it’s a big part of my life. 

When I go to my mum’s the first thing my stepfather does is hand me a glass of wine. Working with wine is part of my job, too.

Richard took me by surprise when he asked if we could swap numbers. 

I swerved the question and said I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to. I kicked myself afterwards, because I should have been honest.

Would you like to meet in person?

No. Richard doesn’t like Central London, but that’s where my job is based and where I socialise. 

I’m not gregarious, but I need someone to match my personality a little more than Richard might do.

What do you think he thought of you?

I think he liked what he saw — certainly enough to want to have my number.

Would your family like him?

They would find him too quiet.

My last relationship ended after my girlfriend cheated on me. We were together for seven years, and I haven’t been on a date for eight years, so I’m feeling rusty.

I recently moved from retail to the IT sector, and while I’ve been focusing on my career it would be nice to settle down. I’ve been put off online dating due to the number of fake profiles you come across.


Single for three years, no children.


IT support technician.


A woman who is caring, loyal and respectful. I tend to swerve egotists and those who aren’t open with you, and I’m past the ‘lads’ holidays’ stage. 

Pre-Date Nerves?

Yes, and I haven’t told anyone about the date, though my boss might have an idea. He asked me to work overtime and I had to decline. Lockdown doesn’t leave you with many excuses for why you can’t work on a weekend. Luckily I managed to tidy my living room so the background wasn’t full of computers and cables.

First Impressions?

Lauren looked amazing. She has a great smile and gorgeous hair. My nerves went quickly, too, as she put me at ease.

Easy To Talk To?

Yes. When Lauren mentioned her celebrity crush was Harry Styles, I said: ‘Why!’ She laughed and claimed it was because he’s successful. We also talked about where we’d like to travel to, and our favourite musicals. Lauren’s is Miss Saigon, while mine is Bat Out Of Hell. It prompted me to watch a video of Miss Saigon later.

Embarrassing Moments?

Yes. Lauren had put her cats outside, but one kept giving her the evils through the window. 

I think she might have sworn at him at one point, but I didn’t point it out, in case she hadn’t meant to.


LIKED? It was like chatting to a new best friend.

REGRETS? I worry that I talked too much.


Did sparks fly?

Lauren is the kind of person I’m looking for. She’s worked hard to get to where she is now, like I have. 

She’s independent, kind-hearted, and has a great sense of humour. I’d like to get to know her better.

Would you like to meet in person?

Definitely. We didn’t actually have our food or drink during the date, as we were too busy talking.

What do you think she thought of you?

I hope the feeling is mutual and she likes me.

Would your family like her?

I know they would, even though it seems we’ve both had different upbringings. 

It sounds like Lauren’s parents pushed her to get to where she is today. 

My parents were a bit more laissez faire. 

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