Three Officers Pulled Guns On Jeff Hardy During DUI Arrest, Police Video Shows

Three officers were apparently so concerned about the state of Jeff Hardy after they pulled him over on Monday morning, they each drew their guns and pointed them at the AEW star.

The frightening scene was all captured on police video, obtained by TMZ Sports, just before the 44-year-old wrestler was arrested in Volusia County for DUI by the Florida Highway Patrol.

In the footage, you can see after cops stopped Hardy’s white Dodge Charger on a freeway after they said it had been swerving all over the road and driving erratically … they walked to his car and appeared to shout orders at him through his closed windows.

Hardy, though, seemingly didn’t comply — which caused each officer on the scene to pull out their firearm.

Fortunately, Hardy eventually opened his car door without issue … and the officers were able to get him out of his vehicle without incident.

In the footage, you can see Hardy — wearing a Jacksonville Jaguars T-shirt — was not steady on his feet … and mumbled and whispered responses to the officers.

During questioning, Hardy appeared to admit to drinking shots of Fireball before getting behind the wheel.

Eventually, officers took Hardy away from the busy highway into a nearby parking lot to perform field sobriety tests.

Hardy, though, stumbled throughout each test … and after several minutes, an officer slapped cuffs on the wrestling star and told him he was “under the arrest for the offense of DUI.”

In police documents, officers say they tested Hardy’s BAC through a breathalyzer back at the station … and claim he blew a .291 and a .294.

Hardy bonded out of jail late Monday evening … but was ultimately, according to court records, hit with three charges, including felony DUI as well as two misdemeanors.

He’s due in court for a hearing in the case later Tuesday afternoon.

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