‘Time wasters’ A Place in the Sun viewers in uproar after couple’s sudden U-turn

A Place in the Sun: Couple tell Laura they're not putting in any offers

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In the latest episode of A Place in the Sun, Channel 4 presenter Laura Hamilton was on a mission to find Paul and his partner Julia their dream holiday home in southern Tenerife. With £180,000 to spend, the couple wanted to find a second home to escape the British winter. However, Laura didn’t get off to the best of starts as Julia seemed very difficult to impress.

The first property Laura took the couple to was a two-bed villa priced at £179,000.

The holiday home had an open plan kitchen and lounge and lots of outside space.

However, Julia didn’t seem too keen as she pointed out how small the rooms were.

Although, the house hunter did seem to like the outside space, as she admitted that’s where they would spend most of their time.

Next up was a property that came with a private terrace, an outdoor shower and with fantastic views.

It was also priced way below the couple’s budget at £166,000.

“It looks like a nice area,” Julia explained before they had even stepped foot inside.

Although, things took a turn slightly when they inspected the holiday home further.

Julia didn’t like the thought of the spiral staircase, whereas Paul disagreed and said he really liked it.

Although, despite the house hunter’s reservations, they decided to rule out the first property and told Laura the second was a contender.

Paul and Julia also seemed to love the three remaining properties, although, Paul admitted they were confused as the couple were being pulled in different directions.

However, when they sat down with Laura at the end, the couple left the expert stunned when they told her they’d been back to view a number of the properties.

“We liked them all in different ways, Paul explained. “It’s just there were different things to consider.”

He went on to add they went back to see property number two and property number three.

However, the pair picked faults with both properties and so decided not to go ahead with making an offer.

The property expert told the couple it was “frustrating” they didn’t find their dream home but remained positive about their future of finding what they wanted.

Following the episode, viewers took to social media to comment on Paul and Julia’s decision.

Many branded the couple, “time wasters” as they couldn’t make up their minds.

User @Hydrogenhill penned: “I’ve lost the will to live now #aplaceinthesun.”

“Waste of time! #aplaceinthesun,” Andrew raged as Ian simply wrote: “Timewasters #aplaceinthesun,” (sic)

While Tina added: “What a surprise. Messers. Boringly tedious messers.” (sic)

Edwards commented: “Most elaborate excuses #aplaceinthesun EVER!” (sic)

User @Shrimpsy went on to add: “Boom, messers !! #aplaceinthesun.”

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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