Tipping Point’s Ben Shephard cut off by player during question ‘Before I got to the end’

Tipping Point: Sam Thompson interrupts Ben with his answer

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The Tipping Point host was cut off by Made In Chelsea’s Sam Thompson, who was very eager to answer a Lord of the Rings-themed question on Sunday’s Lucky Stars. Sam was taking part in the celebrity version of the ITV quizshow opposite Suzi Ruffel and Stephen Mangan as each star hoped to bag some cash for charity. Ben Shephard had only asked half of the question when Sam yelled an answer, surprising the presenter.

The 27-year-old got very excited when Ben said: “It’s time for your second question, Sam.

“In the fantasy novel series Lord of the Rings, by what name was Gollum known before -“

But Sam interrupted, shouting: “Sméagol!” prompting Ben to comment: “Before I got to the end of the question…”

“I love Lord of the Rings,” Sam explained as laughter erupted in the studio.

Ben asked the question in full, repeating: “By what name was Gollum known before the One Ring corrupted him? Sounds like you might know this one, Sam.”

“Sorry, Sméagol, sir,” Sam replied before Ben turned to actor Stephen, Ben asked: “Stephen, did you know that one?”

“Yes,” he responded and Ben went on: “Let’s see if he’s right, is it Sméagol?

“Yes, course it is, well done, Sam,” Ben added as the proud reality star replied: “Thank you,

“Drop zone three please,” Sam went on but before the coin had been dropped, one rogue counter fell of its own accord, causing a hoard of counters to drop.

“Oh hold on,” Ben said. “Just a little ambient drop there – just keep an eye on it.”

“What happens now? What if it tips all over?” Sam asked.

“Unfortunately Sam because those counters fell before you pushed your buzzer, they will have to be voided from the machine,” Ben admitted to a disappointed Sam.

“Okay, well we’re still going to go drop zone three please,” he replied.

Comedian Suzi Ruffell was the third famous face on the episode.

Sam had made quite a costly mistake earlier in the episode, clearly misjudging how and when to release the coin in the machine.

When it came to his turn, Sam said “now” rather than pushing the button.

Eventually, he did press the button, but even the audience knew he had made a big mistake.

The counter landed on top of the pile below so wasn’t able to nudge the other coins further away.

“Oh Sam, no!” Ben said as the contestant asked: “Why not?”

“Because it’s riding! And it’s rubbish!” Ben replied.

“Don’t say that! I’ve only just started,” Sam protested as Ben continued: “It is, trust me.”

Thankfully, it didn’t cost him too much and he found himself beating the other two players to make the final round.

He decided going for the £20,000 jackpot was too big a risk for his charity, and left with what he had won.

Tipping Point continues weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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