Tom Cruise fans notice actor’s 5ft 7in height isn’t edited in Top Gun: Maverick

Fans of Tom Cruise have taken to social media to praise him for not using visual effects to make himself look taller in his latest film.

In the past the Hollywood actor has used tricks to make himself seem like he is at least the same height as his co stars.

In the famous promotional picture of the first Top Gun film his co star and love interest Kelly McGinnis leans on Tom's shoulders to make him seem taller than her as she is 5 ft 10in.

After watching the new movie fans took to social media to praise both the 5ft 7ins actor and its production.

One Twitter user commented: "I like how Tom Cruise said f*** it and decided not to do any forced perspective to match anyone's height in Top Gun: Maverick. When you are an actor who flies a jet and stick yourself to a plane for a stunt, how tall you look on the screen is the least of your concern."

Another wrote: "I could tell Tom Cruise was taking Top Gun: Maverick seriously as an actor because he actually plays to his own height through the film versus being contractually taller than everybody."

A third added: "See, I think Tom Cruise has actually always been chilled about his height!"

A fourth said: "Re-watched the original last night and this new one is so much better. A lot of the flying scenes kind of blew my mind. I also loved how they stopped caring about how tall Tom Cruise looks so he's the shortest guy whenever there's wide shots."

The new film has avoided efforts to make Tom seem taller, even having him look up at 6ft 1in Miles Teller, who plays Nick "Goose" Bradshaw's son Bradley "Rooster".

This is in stark contrast to the first film where clever camera angles were used when he was stood near Anthony Edwards, who played "Goose", who stands seven inches taller than Tom.

Tom Cruise did however spark a bit of speculation when he appeared the same height as Kate Middleton at the Top Gun: Maverick premier making some question whether he had lifts in his shoes.

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