Tom Holland Holds Hands with Zendaya as They Leave Mumbai Together

Tom Holland And Zendaya

And just like that, Tom Holland‘s taking charge … and also taking Zendaya‘s hand as they jet out of India following a packed weekend for the couple, who now actually look like one.

The two ‘Spider-Man’ stars were photographed leaving Mumbai Sunday — arriving to the airport together and hopping into a waiting vehicle … which presumably took ’em over to a private runway somewhere. As you can see, TH and Z weren’t so shy this time around.

Tom Holland And Zendaya

Indeed … that’s Tom and Zendaya holding on to each other as they got in — where they were also snapped in the same frame, looking happy in the backseat and waving to fans.

Remember, this is a bit of a 180 from how we saw them arrive just a couple days ago … when they appeared to stagger their airport appearance — not to mention their red carpet spacing, where Tom and Zendaya opted not to walk it together … but separately.

Tom Holland And Zendaya

Even once inside the actual gala, they seemed to keep their distance — not really standing next to one another in a variety of group shots they posed in. Of course, other photos of them enjoying themselves behind the scenes also surfaced … and they looked fine in those.

Now, here they are coming off as much cozier… confirming they’re two peas in a pod.

Just a refresher … Tom and Zendaya have been publicly dating since at least the summer of 2021, if not before that. They were always friends and even hung out a bit pre-relationship … as they were in all those Marvel movies together and were tight with all their co-stars.

Now, though, they’re a little older … and a bit more in love, it seems. Their romance post-Spidey is going strong — and after this weekend, it’s certainly gone international too.

Zendaya and Tom Holland Together

Good on them!

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