Tony Bennetts wife says legendary singer, 95, doesnt know he has Alzheimers

Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga – Cheek To Cheek (57th GRAMMYs)

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The music legend’s wife, Susan Bendetto, 55 has opened up in a recent interview about Tony Bennett, 95, and his battle with Alzheimer’s. Susan spoke on 60 Minutes on Sunday, where she opened up about her husband’s condition.

He doesn’t know he has it.

Susan Benedetto

She said: “He doesn’t know he has it.

“He recognises me, thank goodness, his children you know, we are blessed in a lot of ways.”

Susan went on to speak about how every day changes with someone with Alzheimer’s.

She added: “Every day is different.

“Tony late at night, sometimes early in the morning, he’s more alert, if I can use that word.

She told him that he was going to be on 60 Minutes, detailing how he would remember and then forget.

Susan said: “He’s like, ‘I do.’ But in any given moment, he won’t know.”

Anderson Cooper, the show’s host, added: “He doesn’t know he has it?”

Susan replied simply: “No.”

She remembered the moment she first started to get worried about her husband five years ago when he first noticed he was starting to forget things.

Tony said to Susan: “I’m having a hard time remembering the names of the musicians.”

According to Susan, these were musicians he worked with all the time so she told him to go to the doctors.

Dr Gaytari Devi diagnosed Tony in 2017, telling him that the part of his brain where we retrieve memories from was not working very well.

Tony regularly posts pictures on his Instagram with his wife and dog, with a post on September 21 dedicated to World’s Alzheimer’s day.

In the picture, he is holding on to his wife’s shoulders smiling, while Susan holds their dog.

It was captioned: “There is always a reason to ‘Smile’ and to do good in the world.

“Join me in supporting the work of the Alzheimer’s Association on World Alzheimer’s Day. Click the link in bio.”

Susan and Tony married in 2007 in a private civil ceremony in New York.

A set of shows that Tony filmed with Lady Gaga at Radio City Music Hall in August are set to broadcast in the US this autumn.

About the shows, Gaga said: “I think he really pushed through something to give the world the gift of knowing that things can change and you can still be magnificent.”

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