'Total eclipse of the Pheart': People have big opinions about this baby name

In what’s turning out to be quite the time for unique baby names to shine, an… interesting parenting choice has been shared on Reddit.

On the page r/NameNerdCirclejerk, a user shared a photo of a baby with their face blacked out for anonymity’s sake that seemed to be an announcement of the infant’s name.

And just what is the baby called?

It’s hard to tell whether it’s superimposed over the photo or printed on the blanket the infant is lying on, but the name is listed as ‘Pheart PR’ – with the ‘PR’ part seemingly a reference to the baby’s parents, Petsy and Ruben.

It’s not clear what pronunciation the parents have in mind for Pheart, but the internet certainly has its own ideas.

Referencing a t-shirt the baby wears in the picture, the caption reads: ‘Little Baby Fart, such a mischief maker!’

One person commented under the post, which has 620 upvotes at the time of writing: ‘A slang term for phlatulence.’

Another one punned: ‘Total eclipse of the Pheart’.

One commenter wrote: ‘The p is silent.’

To which another user replied: ‘Silent but deadly.’


Other than jokes, debates rage on in the comments as to where the name may have come from, with someone postulating: ‘Maybe it’s pronounced “furt” or “fay-art” or even like “fair-t”… horrible spelling for any of those pronunciations.’

Another offered: ‘Okay, I’ve got a Peart in my family tree, is that what this atrocity is trying to be? Did they actually just forget that PH together makes an F sound?


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