Tracy Beaker legend Dani Harmer fronts underwear ad two decades after CBBC debut

Tracey Beaker actress Dani Harmer may have found fame almost two decades ago on CBBC but the starlet is instantly recognisable in her latest venture.

Despite being 32, Dani has still looks like the iconic Jacqueline Wilson role that turned her into a household name.

The Story of Tracy Beaker ran from 2002 for three years on BBC One and the CBBC channel before Dani reprised the role in 2010 for two years in Tracy Beaker Returns.

Teaming up with sustainable period pants brand WUKA for World Menstrual Health day, Dani has taken part in a new campaign.

Going make-up free, Dani sports curly hair like her former TV character as she poses in briefs and a black t-shirt.

She poses alongside a string of other stars including model Emma Whittaker and disability campaigner Samantha Renke for the thought-provoking shoot.

The campaign hopes to help eradicate 'period shame' – with one in four women reportedly suffering from it had some point in their lives.

Recalling her own experiences of her first period, Dani admits she had no idea what to do.

The starlet says she felt "embarrassed and nervous" and as a result didn't tell anyone.

Dani said: "I don’t want anyone to ever feel like that – I should’ve been concentrating on my cheerleading performance and enjoying my time with my friends, but instead I felt like every single person was just staring at me."

The former child star, who now has a daughter of her own, recalls using a handful of toilet paper to use as a makeshift pad when bleeding for the first time.

Research by WUKA found that almost half of people who menstruate have had to substitute a period product with rolled up toilet paper, a quarter had to make do with one tampon or pad a day.

After winning a BAFTA in 2010 for Tracey Beaker Returns, Dani went on to reprise the role in The Tracey Beaker Survival Files in 2011.

Later, she made another welcome comeback in My Mum Tracey Beaker in February of this year.

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