Travis Scott’s Artist Wants Out of Contract, Threatens to Air Dirty Laundry

Malu Trevejo drops a quick, threatening message for the ‘Astroworld’ rapper and his team in a bid to get released from her contract with the embattled hip-hop star.

AceShowbiz -Travis Scott’s ship is sinking and everyone is scrambling to get out of it. The latest one to cut ties with the embattled rapper is Malu Trevejo, a 19-year-old Cuban singer who became famous for her videos on online app

The “Luna Llena” star was signed by the “Astroworld” rapper to his record label, Cactus Jack Records, in October this year. “I’m so glad dreams came true,” she was so thrilled when announcing the deal on social media to mark her birthday.

Now Trevejo has had a change of heart. She dropped a quick message for Kylie Jenner‘s baby daddy on her Instagram Story amid backlash over his disastrous music festival last month. The young star threatened to air his dirty laundry.

“@travisscott let me out of the contract really. Don’t wanna expose the behind the scenes sh*t so just let me out of it !!!!!” Trevejo wrote on her page.

Malu Trevejo threatened Travis Scott

In another post, she added, “Like whyyyy trying to hold me when you denied everything let me gooooo!!!!!!!!! Nowwwwwwww.”

Malu Trevejo added another message

However, a quick look on the internet revealed that Malu Trevejo actually announced last month that she had left after being at Travis’ label for just one month and releasing one song called “Complicado”.

“Things just changed and that’s OK because that means something bigger is waiting for me,” she previously told her followers. “I had a 2 hr conversation with him crying and hugging him he knows and he knows I ain’t lied about anything.”

Malu Trevejo announced departure from Travis Scott’s label last month

Despite her departure, she had nothing but good words for the rapper back then, “At the end of the day what he told me a lot of times make me more confident with myself and I appreciate the time I spent with him made me realize a lot.” She added, “Love Travis and his team but moving forward to better things.”

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